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Original Post:
by: User510767 on Sep 11, 2017

Hello people,
I need somebody who can tell me about a certain evil entity
It looked like a Dementor or a reaper. Two nights ago, I saw it in a mirror when I was laying in bed, more awake than asleep: He was popping out of the ceiling, right over the pillow and my head. He had a small scythe with a long blade in his arms and he was moving his head down towards my head.
The creature appeared ghost-like and very tall and wide. It seemed humanoid but neither had real hands, nor a face. The whole body and the scythe were completely black. The body was not skeletton-like, but rather cloth-like. I did not notice any sound, smell or cold temparature when it was near by. The entity's ambush was quick and quiet, almost impossible to detect if I were not unexpectedly woken up. It was because of a nightmare.

He hit me in the head with its scythe, before immedeately taking flight through the ceiling again. I got goosebumps and my head was beginning to tingle. My hair felt electric and i panicked, screaming but unable to move. This experience really scares me and I am quite worried what is going to happen now. What does that "attack" mean? How evil is that spirit in the worst case? Is something bad going to happen to me now? I hope some experienced people here can tell me what to do about it now. Please contact me.

Best greets,