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Original Post:
by: Heidenwulfor on Mar 08, 2016

This is a poem I have created to tell the story of Odin, and his sacrifices in the search for knowledge and wisdom. It is titled "Hail, He Who Sacrificed!"

Hail Odin!
May your tales fill my being with inspiration,
To tell the tales of you, and your sacrifices,
Of your devotion to knowledge, to obtain the unobtainable.
You hang there from the ashen yew,
Gungnir pushed through your bosom,
Your blood drip, like nectar from the wound,
Feeding the roots of the world.
The Well, in it's abyss, stare you down
Nine nights in this, nine days in pain,
Teeth gritting, forced shut.
No food nor drink passed your lips,
Nor was any help or comfort sought.
Nine nights, nine days, you sit on the runic knowledge
Yet lack the understanding
Until the end of the nine nights, nine days.
When you have fallen, you have arose,
You grabbed the archaic knowledge
Of magic long before your time, long before time itself.
You take up knowledge and wisdom, and for that we hail.
Giving what you can, without hesitation
The Well of Mimir, pool of knowledge, spring of wisdom,
It's water glistening with intrigue.
You wish it give you it's power, but the Guardian abstains,
For he knows the price, and payment is required.
His arm outstretched, he demands his toll,
Of the portal to one's soul.
Without delay, your blade lands fall your face,
And your eye removed, your sight be lost,
But true sight gained.
We search knowledge as you have Allfather, to honor your sacrifice.
He who hung, he who obtained the wisdom of Mimir,
We honor you.
Hail Odin!