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Original Post:
by: SunshineJade on Jan 17, 2017

I made this membership solely because I've got some questions and I'm looking for answers. Maybe this isn't the right place to go, but here I am and I'm hoping someone can perhaps guide me in the right direction. Has anyone looked into something called Twin Flames? Has anyone experienced it? I've been looking into it and some things match to the T, some things don't, but all the signs are there, and i feel sure but I'm just having a hard time believing myself and so believing it. That's question number one. The second thing is this; I feel very much that I need to be more in tune with myself at the core. I've gotten out of whack I think and I'm not sure how to fix it. I've never been good at meditating, but I write a lot. Anything, everything, and I draw. It helps me figure my brain out. Sometimes I'll get a prophetic kind of dream that I'll forget until it happens in real life months later, sometimes I just act or answer without thinking about it and I'm usually right. I just know things. It comes and goes but when its there, it's THERE. Y'know what I mean? I've looked into that too, its called claircognizance? How do I know for sure? Is there a way?