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Original Post:
by: Ioakeim on Apr 30, 2016

I am born a natural problem and as I'm growing it is getting stronger. However, I have some major problems and I would be glad if you all helped me.

First of all, it seems like I have all three types of empathy; I can walk on other's shoes; I can get in their possition and feel how they feel. I receive their emotions as they are completely mine-sometimes at this I have problem understanding... And last, I feel other's emotions intuitively-from my intuition and not like they're mine.

My problems are:

1) I want to improve my empathy Much better. It is a gift and a curse at the same time.... However, I really like it and I am gratefull and thankfull for that.

2) I want to choose from times to times with which kind of empathy I will receive emotions. Sometimes it is getting really annoying to receive them through one way or another, for a varity of reasons. It seems I control the part which I put my self into another's ones shoes, but I cannot control At All which way of the others I will receive them. I have no idea why this happens but I want to control it.

3) I want to learn shielding. It is also can get extremely annoying to have empathy and not being able to protect your self. Sometimes, I want to take breaks for my healthy emotional state.

4) I want to understand when I feel other people's emotions that they are theirs, and not mine. With feeling them like they are mine is difficult to underdtand sometimes. If I feel them through intuition it's easier, but it can get difficult.

I need help in this and I would really appreciate it if someone helped me. Thanks everyone!