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Original Post:
by: Spoon on Dec 11, 2015

Hi, I am trying to ascertain what these dreams indicate, and how to deal with them, I have tried many counter curse methods that have proven temporary and then ineffective. These dreams are about a girl I went to middle school and high school with, that to be honest I did not know all that well and never expressed interest in, in fact she specifically kind of made me feel more uncomfortable than most women, but then I started having these odd dreams about her almost every night that are vivid lucid and life like that make me feel strong feelings of attachment and want for her.

One of the earliest dreams was one of me and her sitting next to each with, a generator was behind her and electricity started shooting out of her into me we were in electroshock connected by a bult of electricity. After the electricity stopped a whispering in my ear told me we were soul mates. Odd dreams like this continued and each day an increasing interest in her was regretfully being developed inside of me. I finally couldn't resist her anymore and messaged her, but a part of me was still resisting so the message was me telling her I liked her and thought she was beautiful but my moral views on a relationship stopped me from taking it farther and while it pains me I will have to block her and avoid her. Soon after I sent that message I had a increasingly more vivid dream of me following her while three moons sat in the sky, while whispering in my mind was telling me how badly I needed and wanted to change my beliefs and how much I needed her. I woke up in the night in a trance of me and her seducing eachother. That morning I felt a irresistible urge to change my beliefs and message her, and I did telling her I was sorry I would do anything for her ect. from there on you would think we would be in love and everything happy relationship, but then she blocked me. I still have these dreams almost every night. They include me being Adam and eating a fig with her in a garden, her playing a flute I try to resist but then falling in love with her, A heart neckless that I find on the ground making me feel in love with her, me living with her, me talking to her best friends, her talking to me ect. I would like to know what kind of spell this is, and then how to break it. Thank you for any help, it is much appreciated.