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Original Post:
by: womanspirit on Jul 15, 2014

Blessed Be I have been dealing with a bad case of shadow people ( evil spirits) and I did a petition candle spell with a black thick taper candle. The spell was to cleanse my mind of negative and evil thoughts created by a shadow person that attached itself to me. I have been battling against the shadow people for months now and doing several cleansing methods herbal banishing spray, smudging with sage and other herbs, using bells, laying down salt, casting circles of protection ,praying to my matron goddesses, telling them to leave nicely, smashing a mirror they were using as a portal, doing about seven spells, all have only temporary fixed the situation. All of this stared when I used a santa muerte candle to cast a curse and visited my local botanica. I have concluded by doing so I opened doors to the spirit world and also recieved the wrath of santa muerte for not being 100% devoted to her and brought spirits from the botanica home with me. When the candle finished melting a pair of legs and feet formed from the wax drippings. I wish I could include a picture because I have never gotten such a good wax dripping result before. About 1/2 inch of candle was left and I thought it has burnt down but it remained in the holder for it. I dressed the candle with my homemade banishing oil and filled the holder with salt. Does anyone have a meaning for a pair of legs with feet forming from wax dripping. I have my own theory but would like advice. Also I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions to rid myself of this evil. I do not have enough funds to get an tarot reading but I do have my own deck of cards and I am very skilled at it. It seems the shadow people create blocks in my mind and energy so I can never 100% use my power my workings are always 3/4th ways finished. I desperately need help. Thank you.