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Original Post:
by: mishka67 on Nov 23, 2013

hello, I am a 46yr old woman living in south Australia. I am not a practicing pagan, well not until recently! I don't see myself as " anything " I just do what feels right to me. I married my second husband in 95 but to me it meant nothing, we are still married and yes we are together, the ceremony meant nothing at all to me. in june 2012 we found out my husband had liver cancer and needed a transplant, my world stopped still until july 22nd 2013 when he had the transplant. I don't need to talk about that but we did mention a handfasting if/when he made it through. ok so I have been making my plans, I set the date easter Saturday april 4th 2015 at 4pm. I have picked this date because we met on an easter Saturday and 2015 is 20yrs since our marriage. happens to be a full moon too, I didn't know this though when I set the date. so getting into the me not being pagan ( or anything else ) seems once you walk into " this " you get deeper and deeper, I have made my flowers and I am making my invitations ( 2 so far ) ( only having about 12 guests ) so you may have guessed I have been winging it but then I had to find someone who could preform the handfasting, this was funny because one place led to another and I found the lady who does them. I felt the need to make the handfasting cord so out I went and selected the ribbons that stood out to me the were deep pink, purple, white, dark blue, light green, light brown, red, goldish yellow and a thin silver thread. I picked these without thinking I just picked up the ones that caught my eye. that night ( wed 19th nov ) I started to plat my ribbons, I just started to talk to them in my head don't ask me what I said because I really don't know exactly. I know I kept telling it I was knotting our life together so tight it would never come apart. when I was finished it was 9ft long. my period had started the day before but I didn't give it a second thought. anyway it is now 5.10am sunday morning 24th nov and yesterday ( sat ) I bled like I have never bled before, it was shocking!!!! just flooding from me and large painful clots so much blood and my uterus was burning. I had pain the night before and I am still in pain. can anyone shed some light on why this has happened to me, I don't do spells ( I am not a witch ) so why should my body react to my cord making in this very strong way. sorry for the long rant.