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Original Post:
by: Shasnas on Jun 16, 2014

Okay this was the first night that I experienced this. Before this happened keep in mind that I was under stress, anger, and depression(probably what caused the pain).
At first, I noticed that I was not dreaming(I was in my room), as soon as I felt my body vibrate, I knew what was going on. What I didn't know was what to expect. As I was vibrating, I immediately felt it painful to get out of my body! Like someone ripping your flesh off. OMG it hurt!!!! The pain was not coming from my physical body, it was my astral one. Then I felt my heart rate go up. It got harder to breath. Then that's when I felt like something was hurting and squishing my brain(Felt intense pressure). I couldn't speak and no longer see my room(Jaws where clenched tight as I endured the pain). Everything went black. When it was black, I tried opening my eye's. My physical body eye's open and I was still blind. So in other words, I had my eye's wide open(physical body). Then I imagined myself go back in the body(I can't explain how but I did it).
Well I was freaked out and it happened 3 times in a row. I would like to know why I felt that pain.