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Original Post:
by: WitchofEarth on Mar 18, 2017

Hello, on the group section of spells of if you scroll down to inactive covens it reads "The following covens have inactive leadership. You may apply to take over one of these covens." Can anyone tell me how I would apply? Please know that I really don't know if this has been discussed on the forums before, and I'm just looking for answers. Any helpful answers would be greatly appreciated. Also, would I be able to change the name of the coven but keep what that coven practices? Example: If a coven practices white magick in it's spells and rituals but it's called something else, could the priest/priestess contact the administrator or whomever would need to be contacted and have the name of their coven changed but keep the practices? As in the coven that practices white magick would still be practicing it, just the name of the coven would be changed? Thank you greatly for your helpful information.

~Love and Light