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Spell for a friend
Post # 1
I have a friend who is going through a lot of financial problems. his father lost his job and he has been trying to pay his own fees and everything for a year, he is an international student and they are not allowed to have a proper job or even take a loan. He is in need of $4,000 immediately. Is there any spell that you can suggest to help him?
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Re: Spell for a friend
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Hey, so I suggest maybe doing a money spell. You could make your own money spell which is said to be strong and more powerful but you could also get one from this site, this site has plenty of money spells. I would also suggest doing a good luck spell so let's say you buy a lottery card with a good luck spell you could maybe win. I really hope stuff starts going up hill for your friend, best of luck!


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Re: Spell for a friend
Post # 3
Oh no! That sounds terrible! I am very sorry that happened! Let me see what I can do to help.

Money spells, from what I have experienced can be incredibly tricky. One minute you think everything is going fine, but in the next something terrible has happened. I find this is mostly due to vagueness and the depth of a person's intent. If all the want is money, then they'll get just money. It seems like you want to help your friend out more than gain monetarily. This passion should keep your spells in check, since you know exactly what you want.

It seems like there isn't much you can do in the physical world for him, other than seek help from an institution or find other ways to gain revenue with him.

There are money spells you can try on SoM, but try to find one that requires a good amount of thought or ritual. I find these seem the most reliable.

You can make a money bag, which is similar to a good luck bag. I would put herbs or oils in the bag and have him carry it around. If he can't carry it around (assuming you haven't told him how or that you're trying to help) you can always use the materials in the bag in a ritual and leave them out in the open on an alter or in a bowl for him.

Some herbs you can use are cedar (which I honestly hate the smell of but some people like it), oranges, and cinnamon.

Some crystals you can use are gypsum and cat eye. These won't help you directly with the money, but they will give you a luck boost, especially if his dad is also searching for a job in the mean time.

This website is full of spells you can use, or you could ask someone for help writing your own. The articles section is great for helping you find tools and equipment to preform your spells yourself. If you need something, you can search the directory and find what you're looking for!

Good luck to you and your friend!
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