Aset Oracle Year 24 (KO)

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Aset Oracle Year 24 (KO)
By: / Novice
Post # 1
This year we've been encouraged to spread the Aset Oracle around to anyone who wants it. In the spirit of that, I'm posting it here.

The Aset Oracle is an Oracle that is made each year based upon the collaboration of several priests and Hemet (aus) at the desire of Aset/Isis. It is a Kemetic Orthodox practice and does not necessarily apply to anyone outside of the Kemetic Orthodoxy, however many people enjoy hearing about it.

Taken from


I am Aset the Great, Mother of God, Great of Heka. I am Aset the Widow, She Who Mourns, She of the Throne. I hear your prayers. I hear the prayers of the people. I tend to your needs. The year is new. The year is old. The year has come to be as one. To stand up together as one. To speak out. To be heard. To be who you are and what you have become. The time is now. The year is now.

Do not hesitate. Be bold. Walk the path of your own choosing. This is the year of My Son, My Uncle, My Brother, My Father. This is the year of divine power (literally, ?of Netjer?). Do not look away. I place My Son Who Avenges His Father upon His throne, for the First Time, for every time, for all time. I place My Son Who Speaks for the Two Lands on Her throne, to fulfill Her promise and bring your renewal. The royal promise is re-established. In its renewal you go forth shining in peace. King and Great King, together, shine in glory and protect you.

Gates and mountains are among you. They surround you. They embrace you. One opens the gate, and the other leads you through it. One royal son leaves, and two appear. There is lightness in darkness and darkness in lightness. There is no difference. There is light in the dawn, but it cannot come before twilight and the battle that follows. There is comfort after loss, depth after scarcity. There is love. There is always love.

Do you not understand how much you are loved? Creation was born of love. Creation is the love of the creators for the created. This love is in your being. This love will never leave you. This love must be protected at all costs. This love is the best of you. This love is your birthright and your promise. See to it that love continues. It is left to you to tend this work. We cannot do it for you alone. You too must serve.

It is not done. It is not lost. It is not gone. Look to the horizon. It has merely been forgotten in some places and left behind by others. Do not despair. Love is what we offer you and love is what you need. There is love in the light of the dawn and in the firing of every star. There is love in the sky and the sea and the tomb. There is love everlasting. Seek it with both hands open to receive. It is your gift in this year of light, this year of delight.

It is time for love.

Do not hold your hands tightly against your hearts. Do not use your hands to guard yourselves. Move your hand away and accept those around you. Accept them, accept their pain, and they will accept yours. Open yourselves, open your hearts, and accept the help that others will give. None of you are alone.

Turning your back when others come to help will close your hearts. Being silent closes them. When the back is turned, do not be surprised when others speak. Do not be surprised when doors close, and do not be surprised at the damage this can cause. Do not be surprised at the effort to re-open them.

You are cleansed in the waters. Now, you must stay clean. Take what you need of Our waters, cleanse yourselves, cleanse the creation. Your purity is the purity of the great Name of Creation. You are the children of light and delight, of the Guardian Princes. As children they come to bring you joy and remind you of the innocence you think you have lost, but have only forgotten to remember. Do not forget.
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Re: Aset Oracle Year 24 (KO)
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Our Two Princes this Year are Khonsu and Yinepu.
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