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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Entities for contracts

Entities for contracts
Post # 1
Is it easy, someone to tell me some entities that I can make fair contracts with?? The contracts's subjects are spiritual, not physical...
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Re: Entities for contracts
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Honestly, this is subjective. Everyone has different gnosis with different spirits. To me, the theoi are fair. Does everyone feel that way? No.

I'd encourage you to make petitions and oaths with deities or spirits you already established a relationship.

Put it this way: would your friends want to continue talking if all you did is bug them for money? How would you act if a stranger walked up to you and started demanding things?

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Re: Entities for contracts
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: Entities for contracts
Post # 4
That's exactly the reason I'm asking this, because it's subjective. I have no idea how contracts between entities and humans work. Obvisously if humans skip part of the deal, the entity will punish the human in their way and/or simply stop their offers. I'm not aware though if it's possible the entity to not follow a rule of the agreement. That's the reason I asked, to see what people have to suggest me about certain entities and maybe their experiences about them. I also believe that some entities are preety known about contracts, so they could inform me in this way too...

I wouldn't actually like it, however the Deity/entity most likely would be aware that I want to make a contract with them... So it won't be a completely "stranger's" action and afterall, if they don't want to cooperate they'll tell me. And as I said, I suppose some entities are well known for contracts, which means they may want to cooperate.
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Re: Entities for contracts
Post # 5
Seems to me an entity could go back on their word or break a contract as easily as a human. One thing I ask myself is if you're seeking a being to help you wish something you're unable to achieve what would they get out of the deal? Seems to me that few entities would want to lend their power or assist a human for little gain.
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Re: Entities for contracts
By: / Novice
Post # 6

It's entirely based on the spirits and deities you already have a relationship with.

When making a petition or oath, you are sacrificing something to them in a way. Sometimes, this could be a vice such as excessive drinking. This could be an oath to not take your own life. You could solely worship that spirit, and keep your practice only between you and them. Or, an agreement to quit smoking. It's an agreement made between the two of you. These actions have meaning to the individual and the spirit. When there's a relationship there before the oath, it has more meaning. You'd be more inclined to not break the oath. Would you keep an oath more to a stranger or to family? Would an oath made to you by a stranger mean more than one from a close friend?

In Hellenic Polytheism/Hellenismos, the point is to build kharis, or grace. It refers to favor, a relationship between mortals and gods. This virtue sort of spreads to a lot of spirit working practices. Essentially, it helps develop a stronger sense of unity between that person and their spirits. Any of those things listed about can be done without an oath. The Delphic Maxims say to avoid making an oath. You can make a guess as to why.

Petitions/prayers are a bit different. While it would be preferred to make one to someone you have a relationship with, it doesn't have to be. Usually the petition follows this sort of formula: "Hey, I give you an offering of your favorite things, and make you a nice space. I ask you give me __________. In return, I offer ______________." Of course, this should be better worded based on the spirit/deity.

Christian Saints and Prophets, Gods from different pantheons, spirits from differing cultures, blah blah blah can be petitioned. But, unless you know about them, what they like, don't like, what others traditionally petition them for, their spheres of influence, etc.

Heres the kicker: The spirit or deity doesn't owe you anything. Even if there is a relationship. They can decide to accept the petition or not, and it's their right. This is why divination is a good thing to know before doing any kind of spirit work.

You'll have to just use your own intuition there. What calls to you? Who do you love?

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