opinions on this event

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opinions on this event
Post # 1
a while ago i was in a really bad emotional state and i started calling out for something to cause another person harm emotional harm. can't remember exactly what i said but it was something like this if anything can hear please cause this person pain. then the day later the person i asked to be harmed got hurt emotionally also for two days after this event sounds like scratching and banging could be heard from my bedroom when nothing was in there. so what do you lot think.
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Re: opinions on this event
By: / Novice
Post # 2

" Correlation is not causation. "

-Edward Tuft

While there is always some form of implied causation in correlation, without further evidence or proof, a correlation can not be assumed. You would gather more evidence on this matter by working further with this spirit. As for the scratching, you were probably manifesting the sound becuase you either felt guilt or debt, and imagined them. Either way, working further with the possible entity would be the only way to confirm what happened in that instance.

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Re: opinions on this event
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Misty's got a point, these two things could be unrelated. gather more evidence before drawing any conclusions.

you might of cast over them in your state by channelling enough energy and focusing it, but i doubt you contacted a demon or spirit or anything else. scratching and banging can be easily explained, it could be a branch on the window, squirrels/raccoons in the attic, a breeze moving things, the house settling, sound echoing through the air ducts. if you're worried, sprinkle a bit of salt water around your room and visualize dark energy being replaced by light energy. this should clear any any negative energy in your room.
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Re: opinions on this event
Post # 4
probably should have specified in the original post it is not me who is hearing these things it is others in my house when i am not their. these are not people who make stuff like this up and seem genuinely worried about what it is also my dog acted in a very panicked state when this stuff apparently started happening. this stuff is also still going on. i also don't know how i should try going about communicating with it. i don't feel anything negative targeted at me so i don't feel a need to try to get rid of it.
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Re: opinions on this event
By: / Novice
Post # 5
well you can never rule out ones imagination. they may be very trustworthy, sometimes people want a laugh [but i'd like to believe this isn't the case] you should still try and rule out anything logical.

if you feel there is a spirit or something, there are ways to communicate, meditation can put you in a state where it's easier to hear spirits. [they might not always talk though, there's been many times spirits in my home would pace the room waiting for me to stop meditating] keep a journal nearby to record anything. you can also try a pendulum, skrying, or other divination tools. if you feel they're friendly, you can leave them alone, you could also simply ask them to leave. if you feel uncomfortable or your family seems scared, you can always cleanse the place and cast a protection on your, your family, and home.
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