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two question
Post # 1
there is so many spell Caster out do you know who is real and who is scam? prefer doing one with a real one instead of me doing it

In the ritual; kit i do not see the one for bring back an ex...


Can someone help...
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Re: two question
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Please don't pay anyone for spell casting services, they generally are all scams. Some will say they will do it for free but then ask for money for 'ingredients' only they can get. Other's will say the free spell didn't work because you didn't "contribute financially" so you need to give them money. They can become very aggressive and threatening if they suspect you are not falling for their scam, so its best not to contact them at all. Bottom line is they are con artists who want to take your money and that's all they care about.

Any spell that is done without you there doesn't have your energy and intent in it and in my opinion wont work. This is why spells are best done yourself. If you are new and not confident enough to write your own spell, there are spell kits you can purchase that will take the stress out of it. Try the store here or other online witchcraft supply stores.

Best of luck with it :)
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Re: two question
Post # 3
one of the free love ability to talk to angels ....and then it says voice...
what does it mean??
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Re: two question
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
There are plenty of online stores that stock ready made spell kits, the best way to find one is through a google search, look at their location and how much shipping will cost to your address.

If you are looking at the spells on this site, then check out the profile of the member who wrote the spell to better make a decision of which one to try. Anyone who joins the coven spell casters can post spells, that doesn't mean they know what they are doing.

The best spells really are the ones you write yourself.
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Re: two question
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Of the spell kits online, they are often quite similar to each other. When I was first starting out, I purchased one. It's a basic candle spell: a ritual cleansing, embue your intent in the candle, and the included charm, light thw candle and focus on your intent.

You coild do the same, finding a candle of a color which corresponds in your opinion with reconciliation, or whatever factor you believe necessary to bring back your ex.

Of course you may also opt for something a bit more complex, perhaps involving a honey jar to sweeten the other person's feelings for you, and also something involving a sigil, written petition, perhaps incorporation of any deities you follow or amy you may not but wish to ask for aid.

Your options are nigh limitless when it comes to creating your own magic work.
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Re: two question
Post # 6
Thank you ...but does it really work??
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Re: two question
By: / Novice
Post # 7
The answer to that is a resounding maybe -- the same as with any spell. There are many factors which may affect the outcome.

If your ex is simply not interested in getting back together, it will not happen. Even if you do affect some influence, you cannot force free will.

There are also factors such as your own energy and intent, and your assuredness that it will work.

I do not cast spells, so those with more experience with spells will have better insight.
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