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Energy Healer Steve
Post # 1
Has anyone had luck with him? Or any energy healer?
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Re: Energy Healer Steve
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

A good rule of thumb is always be skeptical of those charging you money. I know that's how the world works but it's also how people cheat you especially when they toss around terms like "remote'. I'm not saying magick can't work at a distance but distance diminishes energy from a scientific viewpoint. Very few can do something simple at a distance in terms of magick and healing isn't at all simple. I'm not aware of how affective energy healing is but Reiki for instance requires close proximity. Finally the big ad at the top advertising his cold laser therapy pens scream rip off. It's probably as simple laser pointer or variation there abouts. In the end you're likely dealing with a sugar pill. It may help some but only because they believe it did.

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Re: Energy Healer Steve
Post # 3

I, for instance, need to actually touch the person to do any good. So I personally would be skeptical if he didn't. But that is just me.

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Re: Energy Healer Steve
Post # 4

As previously mentioned I would be very cautious about anyone who claims to do a service over the internet for money. I have indeed met and worked with several energy workers who have helped people with their talents.

If you are able to talk with an energy worker either in person or over the phone and you get to know them there is no harm in them asking for a reasonable fee for their time and work, but I stress and emphasize the word "reasonable" as asking for anything above $20 or $30 ia reaching and those that charge outrageous princes for healing and other energy work such as several hundred dollars is out of their freaking minds. It is those kind of people that are not sincere in their calling as a healer, who want to prey on desperate and weak people needing real help and are willing to exchange whatever amount of money they can find so they can get help.

I would be very proactive about getting to know such people before using their services. I would see if they have vaild testimonials from real people, as anyone with a website can write some elegant fake testimonials to get people to trust them. I would also search for decent healers and practitioners from reputable sources. is an examle although I would still be cautious and would do my research before working with anyone over the internet. Your best choice although not always convienent or possible if finding someone local in person. Always use your judgement of character and if you can only issue payment if necessary after such services have been rendered.

Best of luck.


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