Getting creative

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Getting creative
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I think something that gets overlooked by beginners and 'fluffs' new to magick is the involvement and more importantly the freedom of the mind in the process of a ritual or spell being worked. It's better to have a basic understanding of hermetics and make up your own spell or ritual with random household ingredients than have no understanding or experience in the process of magick and have everything in a list on a random spell you find on the internet.
Learning from spells is important, and helpful in building you as a magician. For instance were you to find a luck spell that called for the use of cinnamon you would learn that cinnamon is associated with success. You will learn the importance in candle color. You can apply things. But more importantly learning the rules are learning how to break the rules, in other words understanding the basic principals from an experienced perspectives allows you room for your own creative input. I mean hell thats why you're here on Earth, to create.

The point is, the external objects are to help you understand and bring out the internal objects. Knowing this, knowing what things can represent in your mind allows you infinite potential for creativity in magick, keeping your spell-working alive and more importantly your life in whatever order you desire. For instance a money spell idea could involve anything from a piggy bank to an alter of green candles, as long as it was directly involving your innermost thoughts on the matter in a fashion to derive certain results. Its the thoughts that count. Find someway to pour your thoughts into a spell. I've even written my desires artistically and used them as a burnt offering to a certain diety for a certain spell at one point and derived ample results.
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