Vampirism means??

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> Vampirism means??

Vampirism means??
Post # 1
What does it means?
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Re: Vampirism means??
Post # 2

1) the action or practices of a vampire, the act of being a vampire. The main concept for vampirism can be someone who is drinking the blood of humans or animals, or someone draining the psychic energies of somebody else.

2) preying upon or exploiting another
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Re: Vampirism means??
Post # 3
the act of humans who have been infected with a complex, symbiotic virus that rewrites the genetic code of every nucleus in the body, resulting in countless alterations to their biological makeup. Changes in their brain chemistry and digestive system cause them to hunger for the blood of uninfected humans, and they will commit unspeakably violent acts to get it. They are also known for their enhanced physical capabilities, longevity and averse reaction to bright light and UV rays.
In 1616, Italian scientist Ludovico Fatinelli published his Treatise on Vampires, in which he speculated that vampirism was caused by a microscopic pathogen, as opposed to demonic possession and other such myths.
The source of vampirism is the human vampirism virus (HVV). Like rabies, HVV has a distinct bullet shape and belongs to the order Mononegavirales?viruses with a nonsegmented, negative-stranded RNA genome. The virus' natural host is a flea commonly found on cave-dwelling bats?most notably the vampire bat. In the most common scenario, the flea bites a bat, which in-turn passes the virus on to humans and other mammals.
While most viruses are highly specific in what tissues they target, HVV is able to infect every living cell in the body, with the exception of red blood cells (which are replaced over time by the infected bone marrow). It's also much less destructive, as it can effectively transform tissues without killing them.

In theory, HVV infection is possible through any exchange of bodily fluids; however, transmission occurs through the bite of an infected person or animal in virtually every case. Thankfully, the virus isn't airborne.
it is a diseases and its has three stages1 infection 2 coma 3 act
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Re: Vampirism means??
Post # 4
There is no vampiric virus, nor are vampires walking corpses.

The sources of vampiric legends come in three forms

1) The psychic vampire
The psychic vampire is a person whom can consciously or subconsciously feed upon the energy of those around them. These people seem to draw the energy out of a room, and dealing with them is often tiring. Most don't know what they are doing, some knowingly do it. Certain witches are very adept at doing this, often sending their spirits out in the form of an animal to feed upon energy in an easier form, often that of an owl, cat, or other nocturnal animal.

2) The Etheric Revenant
A foul spirit that can linger from a soul that is trying to actively avoid the 'second death' or passing on, it tries to keep it's astral body alive by feeding upon the energy of others at night.
It is still tied to it's body, thusly destruction of that body while it is vulnerable and trying to rebuild itself and sever this connection will immediately end it. This is why developed nations have few of such beings, as we tend to use formadahyde on the body and remove the organs, or incinerate corpses. Psychic vampires are particularly likely to become such wights, as their knowledge in life can repeat itself after death.

3) Vampiric spirits
These are beings that are not the spirits of the dead, and exist to feed like any organism would. They range from mere parasites, to beings like succubi & incubi who seduce and feed on sexual energy.
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Re: Vampirism means??
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

The whole idea of vampirism, as in the blood-sucking sort, began in the Middle Ages when people did not understand the normal processes of death. They created the myth of the vampire to explain what they were seeing with a corpse. Today we know that what they saw was perfectly natural and had nothing to do with the undead or anything else.

So-called "Psychic Vampires" are a fancy term for what we used to call energy leeches. They are people who drain the energy from someone they are around, generally because of their own negative emotions and energy. The idea that they have to drain another's energy to feel good is a fallacy used to make excuses for their behavior. It certainly is nothing to be proud of.

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Re: Vampirism means??
Post # 6
1. The Vampire term has been around for many generations starting in the middle ages and even from what i heard from family that where witches starting centuries ago in Europe. When people thought that if a person who they thought where a vampire false stories would spread and then fear that they had corpse among then and they would start a whole search of there town/villages looking for something for something that was in fact not true and made up. Further more no person can physically transfer themselves into a creature that is fictional or not even proven by science.

2. The term Energy Vampire comes from people who leech energy from people.
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