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Tarot for AP
Post # 1
As everyone knows, tarot, a 78 card deck, is mostly used for divination purposes. However, it's fairly common for those in more ritual-oriented, sort of Golden Dawn-influenced people to use Tarot cards for other purposes...which in turn gives a lot more insights about the nature of the cards and thus allow you to become even better at Divination (and the more you do readings with the cards, the better you become at those other things too)

Tarot can be used in many ways, for example, by using a simple correspondence table (the Golden Dawn made an amazing job at this) you can see the correspondences between Tarot, the Hebrew Alphabeth, Qabalistic, Elemental, Planetary and Zodiacal nature of the cards. With these things in hand, you can use the Tarot cards as doorways to the astral realm by projecting your own consciousness through them.

This makes Tarot a perfect symbolic structure to safely (mostly in terms of mental and spiritual health) and quite easily...well, both of those depend on you, really, project your consciousness.

The technique is also quite simple:

Relax, breathe deeply (the four-fold breath is quite good for this) and stare at the card you want to project yourself through. Notice all the details, until you can even "see" it with your eyes closed.
When you can, keep your eyes closed. Imagine another "you" standing in front of the card. Take a moment to change your view point to the other "you". This is the most important part. Give it a few seconds or minutes to see with that other you eyes, to feel with his/her skin. Move with his/her body.

Then, turn your attention to the card in front of you. By using your Imagination (capital I), expand the card until it becomes as big as a door. Step through it.

At first, this will be enough, to just step through, take a look, and go back. After a couple times (I'd suggest 7 or 8 times), you can go and explore whatever you see.
If you see nothing, just wait until something happens. I can't tell you what will happen...but something will. This is a realm of pure subjectivity, so if I try to push ideas into your mind, it'll just be harder for you to be authentic.

When you are finished, go back from where you came, and step through the doorway made from the tarot card. See it getting smaller until it can fit in your hand (I mean, card-sized again) Shift again your point of view to the body you left behind, and quite slowly open your eyes.

Write everything: what you saw, what you felt, what you thought, every impression. I can't stress this enough.

As a final note, I'd recommend you to banish before and after you do this.

If you're a Wiccan, cast and banish the Circle, if you are from the WMT, a Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram will do, though I'd also do the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram.

Well, that's all for now
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Re: Tarot for AP
Post # 2
Hi, nice advice but what do you mean with Imagination (capital I)?
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Re: Tarot for AP
Post # 3
Nice question!, what I mean, is the most human quality possible, Imagination (capital I) is the Creative Qualiy of human beings, is what allows us to take a simple idea from our imagination (lower i) and make it a reality.

It's that quality that makes us co-creators with God/The Gods/The One Thing/Divinity

In other words, is a few steps beyond just "picturing" or "daydreaming". It also involves will, memory, desire and intellect.

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Re: Tarot for AP
Post # 4
Thank you, good post.
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