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Free Online Libraries !
Post # 1

I was wondering if anyone online here is aware of any good websites that have books you can read online without buying. Im strapped for cash and there isnt a library near me at all. I want to start to learn witch craft an magic as well, so books I can read about this topic on a website that offers free reads/books would be very great, thank you !

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Re: Free Online Libraries !
By: Moderator / Novice
Post # 2

or google pdfs of magic books
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Re: Free Online Libraries !
Post # 3

thank you very much Ill google a few of those, I also came across another problem while searching free books online, What books are worth reading an learning from about spell casting, witch craft ext and what ones should I avoid .

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Re: Free Online Libraries !
By: Moderator / Novice
Post # 4
There are a slew of bad books and bad authors to avoid. This forum has several posts dedicated to that. There are various types of magic practices, so making one list of what is bad would be difficult. Knowing what you seek before you seek it will help, understanding yourself and your own current beliefs will help, and most importantly thinking about the information you read will help.

Not knowing who you will come across as an author, and certainly not knowing all of them, my advice would be: Read the Author's biography. Read the Introduction, the bibliography of the book and read the Preface. Those will give you a good idea of what the book is about and who the author is.

You can google authors and book titles to see what the reviews say about them. Remember that everything is written from the authors perspective and understanding, if it varies widely from your own, it will probably be of little help to you.

I am a witch but I am not Wiccan. The vast majority of the books I have, regardless of what the title may say, are written by authors who purport to be Wiccan. This can cause issues for many, especially if they do not know what that are getting. I knew what I was getting, with extra research, some critical thinking, and a healthy dose of common sense I have been able to find gems of valid information to my practices from some unlikely sources.

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Re: Free Online Libraries !
Post # 5
I just remembered: The Internet Archive has a vast free access library of both text, video and audio.
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