Sleep paralysis

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis
Post # 1
What is happening during sleep paralysis? I have heard a lot of people feel or see things, but why they don't see them on the reality?? Do entities trap them on purpose in that stage?? Can people be dead from it or possesed?

Oh and how can I reach sleep paralysis on my will the experience sounds really awesome and frieghtening!! I have saw that there are some special sounds for it eg binaural beats.
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Re: Sleep paralysis
Post # 2
I usually get sleep paralysis maybe once or twice now and than and I still don't understand it
Anyway anything happens during sleep paralysis, you see "entities" and they do as they please and there's nothing you can do sometimes they just talk but I don't pay attention to them cause I'll be praying (with my mind) for dear life calling every god/goddess that I know of.

I don't believe that a person can die from it cause if someone can die I'll be dead by now,

It is not as awesome as you think it is, being helpless is not awesome. Yes it Frightening but when it happens I just tell my self that its normal to get sleep paralysis now and then, but I always say a little prayer on my mind when I experience it
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Re: Sleep paralysis
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Sleep paralysis is a perfectly normal occurrence that seems to be caused when the person does not move smootly through different phases of sleep. Although there are myths about entities being associated with sleep paralysis these are not actually true. It is more like being temporarily stuck in a dreaming state. You can read a sound medical explanation of sleep paralysis and its treatment at

Sleep paralysis is not something you can will yourself to experience. Most people will never experience it. It is a form of sleep disorder, not something achieved consciously.

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Re: Sleep paralysis
Post # 4
Thanks everyone very much! :) Yes I know it's not cool, I have lived it many times and all with nightmares. And terryfying ones. I was fully consious around me but I couldn't moved. I was scared and suprised.. When I said it is awesome I meant the phenomenon.. When I was much younger and I was experiencing this I was really really terryfied and I was thinking "I can't move, I'm paralysed what am I going to do??!" And that kind of staff. Now when it happens to me, which happens also rare, I just try to stay calm. I don't express any feeling. And it goes away much easier than when I was younger.
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