To break a curse.

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To break a curse.
Post # 1

Okay, before I start this off, I need to mention that I am not cursed. Or anybody I know of for that matter. This is just an idea that randomly popped into my mind.

Lets say somebody casted a curse on someone. Would it be possible to break that curse by doing a wish spell and wishing for the curse to be broken? Or does magic not work this way?

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Re: To break a curse.
Post # 2
Yeah, it is possible to break a curse like this. But first you have to find out what kind of curse is and after that see if it is just an normally curse or it's linked with his/her life
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Re: To break a curse.
Post # 3
that becomes a bag of worms. do you believe you're cursed? do you accept the curse? have you done a cleansing? what is your basic idea of what a curse is? who did it? what would be the motive? it goes on and on forever.

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Re: To break a curse.
Post # 4

Actually guys with curses they are just like spells, except designed to harm the target. And with any spell in general, the target of the spell does not necessarily need to be aware or even believe in magic to be affected by said spell. Angelov is quite correct in the sense that one must be aware of what kind of curse has been cast, or at the very least have some sort of general idea about the curse.

More often than not however, when a hex is cast the target is normally unaware and only when the symptoms of the hex start to manifest, can one be able to establish what kind of curse has been engineered by the caster. But in circumstances such as these, its is usually too late as the effects have already started to ripen, but there are ways to at least slow down and stop a curse once it is in force.

An important factor as with most safety aspects in our daily lives, we are protected by all sorts of things. We pay taxes for police officers to keep society safe (or at least that is the intended idea), we have internet security and virus programs, and even in our cars we wear seatbelts. The same is no different with any type of magical practice.

It is a vital part of practicing the craft to be wise, after all the term Witch derives from the old saying "Wise Ones". All you need to do is be able to protect yourself so that if you ever do become "hexed", then at least the damage could either be largely or completely prevented. But you must engage in the basic practices that is most often emphasized around on this site, if you train in the basics such as;

  • Meditation (this is very important for enhancing your psychic abilities)
  • Grounding/Centering (to be able to control the gross and subtle energies)
  • Raising and Sending energy (so that the direction of your energy is more accurate)
  • Visualization (because with this you are able to create for yourself, your own unique ways of enhancing your spell work and magical workings)
  • What magic is and how it works

This last part is important because one must know the difference between magic and spells, a spell is not magic. It is an attempt to make magic happen yes, a spell is a wishing or intention for something to happen, whether it does or not is not guaranteed, but what can help to shift the odds is being able to diligently train in these basic principles so that when you do cast your magic becomes much more effective.

And this is essential to being able to protect yourself too, the good news is that there are hundreds upon hundreds of ways to protect yourself from magic that could potentially harm you, or others around you. You can make protection circles, cast enchantments on objects and wear them, you could write your own spell or ritual or even a simple mantra. You could make an anti-hex bag (these can also be purchased from the site shop, I own one myself), you could rely on the protection of your patron deity, or god or the chosen path that you follow.

I apologize for going on, I just wanted to provide as much information as I could as I understand that this is a topic that can often concern members, the point is go shopping. The universe is right at your disposal and there are many ways you can protect yourself, my advice is concentrate on the basics, even people who have practiced for over 50 years do. And through this you can develop your own, unique and beautifully mastered way of protecting yourself, and over time you will get better and better!

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Re: To break a curse.
Post # 5
My methods do not always work in these instances, for obvious reasons based on the strength of the hex and your own personality, so do listen with caution and careful advice to all spells and knowledge leading up to this...

The biggest defense that I've found for curses, in my experience, is being able to turn karma.

When something bad happens to you, being able to laugh or withhold your negativity, doing what has to be done and moving on. How you carry your energy and how you respond to the change of the universe, can very well change the conditions.

Relationships that have ended badly, has made people want to hex me. Some have made mention of it and others have been covert with it. In these instances, when I know someone might hex me, what I've found is best for me, is to meditate on who I am, what my situation is and what I do in every moment. This helps to sharpen me and my mental state for what comes.

Most are not comfortable with a waiting game, for obvious reasons, but some of the biggest spells and energy gathered can wither away with quick, relentless dismissal. Never do so if you know your health can be grossly affected, as you may be blinded to what is happening around around you and you may quickly fall into denial, if you cannot handle it directly.

When you are aware of things happening around you, with or without a curse, it is always best to evaluate by divine sense, first. Find out if what is happening to you is meant to happen or meant to bring you down. In either case, how you react can determine what happens to you and, often, what will happen to them.

In the few cases that I've been directly aware, prior to and after a curse taking place, their own lives have changed. Often yelling at me, screaming with anger, believing I have hexed them in turn and used their own energy against them. I never do so. Curses, hexes, all the like have the distinct potential to bring immediate, negative karma upon oneself. With the universe, unable to direct that negative energy upon you, responding with positivity instead of attracting more, you become a repelling end.

If magnets were reversed, where positive and negative repel and only like energies connect, this is what I become. I respond to negativity with positivity and it has nowhere to go, except to it's source. This can cause some very potent results and can almost guarantee that such people will never harass you again.

As I first stated, results and mileage may vary. Always use caution and care when these things occur. I myself personally have found that changing how one reacts to life events, pre-emptively work to help root out unnecessary instances of negativity and harm taking place in your life. Using these methods may very well be a good preemptive measure to use for your own life.
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