Honey Jar Question

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Honey Jar Question
Post # 1
I just did my first honey jar and when writing I believe a real small hole popped in the paper when doing the circle of my desires for the relationship. Should I open the jar and put another piece of paper in there just to be safe since I never rose my pen up from the paper I was thinking it'll be fine.
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Re: Honey Jar Question
Post # 2
With my honey jar I have a few questions. I feel I did a "basic" one compared to others I read.

Used sugar, honey, a picture, and some of my hair wrapped in the picture of my interest.

A red candle on top.I used oil on the candle and have been lighting it every day at this point

I used incense to cleanse everything.

I have read never to reopen them to add anything so I don't plan to and will let it ride the course as it's a long term spell that takes time as honey moves slowly.

Because I can't open it is there anything I can do with the candle or jar to add to it to help strengthen it? Carve names in the candle or initials or put something around the jar to help?
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Re: Honey Jar Question
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Your power comes from within. Strength and power of magick comes from belief. The more you have a handle on belief in what you are doing (and believe in the power of the outcome) you will be successful.

If for example you are a novice and you asked someone who is a pro, it's important to know that belief in your own power and magick can be more powerful than getting someone else to do it for you- even though they are a pro. Even if you "mess up" the spell, you can ask for forgiveness to deity (if you've cast a circle), if no circle is cast then just redo the spell with earnest belief in what you are doing.
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Re: Honey Jar Question
Post # 4
Yea I felt like I put a lot of energy into it. I was drained the next day or so and just felt as if I kept sending energy towards it by being in the room as the candle was lit. I just have a real positive feeling about it and I've been reading it's really about making it unique to your own situation and your own personal energies being involved. I think naturally being a rookie I was all nervous and reading but then I just had a since of calm when I thought about it.
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