Pinkie Pie Dreams

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Pinkie Pie Dreams
Post # 1
I have no idea why, but lately I have been having spurts of dreams about pinkie pie. They usually go on for about 3 nights and then stop. Just last night I had a dream that me and her were having a talk. I can't remember what the talk was about, but it was like she totally got me. And I was the same for her. It's like we have a special bond. call me a lunatic brony, call me childish, call me mentally ill, I can take it.
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Re: Pinkie Pie Dreams
By: / Novice
Post # 2
You pop-culture pagan !

Naw, seriously though. Fictional characters become popular because they're relatable and because they add something to our lives, so of course they can become symbols in our subconscious mind, and of course they can show up during dreams. Repeatedly.

This could mean that you've assimilated your feminine side, or your animal nature (especially herbivorous animal), or that you've given yourself permission to either have or express happiness.
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Re: Pinkie Pie Dreams
Post # 3
Very common to have dreams about fictional characters. That is where our minds can wander more freely than when we are in the conscious realm.
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Re: Pinkie Pie Dreams
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Picklebarrel kumquat chimi-cherry-chonga!!! [Lol, favourite Pinkie line]

Don't worry, to dream of a character or world normally means you've been a little obsessed with that thing currently. [I just downloaded Bubble Witch Saga and can't tear my mind away from the game.] It happens.

You might also dream of this character because she has things you admire. Pinkie is fun, silly, spontaneous, confident, the life of the party, social. Perhaps these are elements you wish you were/had in your waking life. You could also be lacking social interaction. Third option, she's the element of laughter, you could be feeling down lately and need a good laugh. Personally, you're just off in your happy place, nothing to be alarmed with. Perhaps play the Smile Song until you feel better.
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