How to Tune in!

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How to Tune in!
Post # 1
Hello all,

It has recently been brought to my attention by some that oftentimes tuning in to the distinct energies and vibrations of other people, places, etc. can be a difficult concept to grasp, and an even harder task to achieve. But have no fear; I have found a killer way to do so by using Affirmation to allow my psychic channels to open up and tune in!

1. First off, start by breathing deeply in through the nose and exhale out through the mouth a few times or so. This helps to quiet your mind and literally breathe yourself deeper and deeper into a meditative state conducive to allowing psychic energy to flow through you.

1.* You can work with opening, clearing and charging your Chakras at this point also if you desire to do so. I highly recommend doing so, because open Chakras = open psychic channels!

2. When you feel as though you are relaxed and open enough to tune in, close your eyes and bring your inner focus/awareness to whichever psychic channel you wish to work with at this time; i.e. if you want to tune in Clairvoyantly, raise your awareness to the space of your Third Eye (Sixth) Chakra, if you want to tune in Clairaudiently, lower your awareness to your Throat (Fifth) Chakra, and if you want to tune in Clairsentiently, lower your awareness to your Solar Plexus (Third) Chakra.

3. Once you have centered yourself behind your preferred psychic channel, visualize the person whose energies you want to tune in to. Take a brief moment to really see them; notice their features, look at their eyes, their hair, etc. Once you feel confident in their presence, mentally affirm this: "I now consciously connect and tune in to (so-and-so)'s energies and vibrations at this time." I like to affirm this thrice, as I tend to do a lot of spiritual things thrice.

4. You should begin to feel your own energy shift to match that of the other person's. It could come in the form of a change in your emotions and feelings, you could start to feel pressure in your head followed by a slight spinning sensation, and/or you could begin to hear thoughts automatically fill your inner ear. When you do start to feel the shift, however it may come, DO NOT try to analyze it or block it from happening! Just sit back, relax, and let it happen. Don't be afraid of it, either. It's what you went through all of this to get to, right?

There you have it. :) Hope you have the best luck with tuning in! Aldo, let me know how this approach works for you when you do try it out!

Blessed be,


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Re: How to Tune in!
Post # 2
That was interesting. Thank you for posting.
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Re: How to Tune in!
Post # 3
Of course. Thank you for reading.
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Re: How to Tune in!
Post # 4
hello i need a money spell teacher
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Re: How to Tune in!
Post # 5
I don't do nor write spells for people.
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