Travel altar

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Travel altar
Post # 1
I have in my little altar so far-
Wand that's a stick of rose quartz
Pentagram that is on a round agate necklace charm
Sword that is made of aluminum foil
Chalice that is a doll's teacup
Tea light candle
Lavender lotion
Faerie-themed oracle cards

Does what i have work? Are there any other must-haves?
Keep in mind my box is half the size of a shoebox
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Re: Travel altar
Post # 2
First off, that is awesome and sounds freaking adorable. A tiny altar? So kawaii! Any ways, it sounds like everything in it is great for doing magic "On the go." I would recommend, however, having done more elemental themed stuff if you are part of that type of tradition, and have a few more herbs. The lavender lotion may work, but according to many traditions the herbs must be 100 percent real. Read the bottle to find out. To me, it doesn't matter if it is real or not, just if it reminds me of it's properties. It really just is different for every person. So yeah, I would also get more herbs, some for love, protection, luck, any other qualities you feel you might need. Also, most altars are considered holy sacred spaces, so you might want to bless it and maybe dedicate it to a deity. Other than that, it's perfect! Hope this helps! (And also, sorry for the long post.)
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Re: Travel altar
Post # 3
Thank you. I will try to find herbs ASAP. Do you have any suggestions?
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Re: Travel altar
Post # 4
Well a travel altar is socially for travel so you don't need much, lol. There are a few must have's you need though.

Things you need:
2 baby candles ( one black + one white, or 2 whites)
One wand ( prefferbly one you made)
One tiny cup that has a lid (fill it with water)
One more tiny cup that has a lid ( fill it with salt)
A match set or a lighter
A small rock that has a pentagram engraves, or a pentagram

Things you may want to include:
Herbs ( cinnamon, cloves, dragons blood, include one healing herb)
Various rocks that have symbols or just rocks that you can charge
Runes, symbols, paper, pen
Various candles ( red, green, yellow, blue)

Hope this helped!

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