Luciferian coven

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Luciferian coven
Post # 1

I want to create a coven dedicated to the art of "Luciferian Witchcraft"

Looking for Witches willing to learn, teach and share experiences.

I know that most people will say its darl magick and/or thast its gonna destroy you. Well I say that they dont know what their talking about because thoy are scared. Dont judge a book for its cover, read a little and then give your opinion.

I want people to experience what this kind of witchcraft can offer and to teach those newbies that are interested in this kind of arts.

I want to create a coven where people share their knowledge from the dark and light sides of withcraft.

Yes, I know there are other covens which specializes in the dark and light arts but there are to very little of them and they say that they dont do egotism.

But Luciferian Witchcraft is all about it, I want a coven in which I can express my ego til I cant type anymore.

Please members, moderators lets make this happen. Lets give it a shot.

Re: Luciferian coven
Post # 2
id like to join ur coven

Re: Luciferian coven
Post # 3

thank you

Re: Luciferian coven
Post # 4

I would love to join this coven!

Re: Luciferian coven
Post # 5
I would like to join too

Re: Luciferian coven
By: / Novice
Post # 6

I'm afraid your plea to make a new coven will as usual with people wanting to make new covens , be rejected. Due to a multitude of factors including but not limited to there being pleanty of covens , there being active covens , having to prove that you're capable of running a coven , ect.

Your best chance as far as getting priesthood in a coven is to be an active , helpful , long term member and after those prerequisites are filled up apply for overtaking an inactive coven.

Even then the chances are slim , and neither of the covens that are currently inactive and available are related to luciferianism. If you were to overtake a coven you cant change its general outline , meaning a "White magick" coven cant go to "Black magick" coven. You have to keep the general imagery and outline of it.


Re: Luciferian coven
Post # 7
It is a nice idea but and I support it but I cant join your coven, since that is not my path. I learn Draconian Magick. Although I can tell you this, one day, when I master my magick, I will gladly join you and help you as much as I can. Good luck with creating the coven.

Re: Luciferian coven
Post # 8

This sounds like a great idea. Since Luciferian Witchcraft is something I want to look into I would love to join.

Re: Luciferian coven
Post # 9

thank you guys, come on people give your opinion dont be scared

Re: Luciferian coven
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10

No new covens are being made at this time, however you can apply to take over an existing coven if you want to. You can apply to take over an existing coven by following the directions located on the coven page under the groups tab.

Perhaps one day new covens will be created on this site however this is not in the foreseeable future. If this changes there will be forum thread posted in the public forum under covens. This is when you would be able to submit your ides to the site administrator by following the instructions listed. Until this time it is advised that you do not bother the site admin about your idea for a new coven. It is also advised that you become a beneficial member of the site by posting intelligently in the forums about topics other than your desire to create a new coven on the site.

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