Path is telling me what?

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Path is telling me what?

Path is telling me what?
Post # 1
Hello EveryOne,
I need some insight on my own life path. For about 10+ years I have had non-stop coincidences happen to me. I believe in coincidence, I also believe in synchronicity and more often than not I'm on the fence when things start to happen to me day after day. I start to think is this a "conspiracy"
I will give a examples. Anyone who reads please try to picture these things happening to you on a daily basis.

1. About a month ago I had a seizure, I low blood sugar. My boyfriend was home and lucky he-saved my life by using sugar and water.
~About a week later his brother sent him a clip from the movie "This Is the End" The part was a 15 second clip of one of the actors having a seizure and them using "sugar packet" to save Jonah Hill's life.

2. I laying in bed because my stomach hurt and I had the hiccups really bad. Nothing I did would make them stop. Durning this time I was texting with a friend. ONLY TEXTING, not talking.
~ I was on the texting with a friend who lives in CT. Out of the Blue he asks me. " Melinda do you think you can get the hiccups on the moon?" Mind you he did have a key to get in to my apartment.

3. My boyfriend went to the super market, as he was in line to leave he said he seen a very beautiful blonde woman. Who was in very good shape. (I'm very open minded)
~Two days later my friend Jimmy came over to have lunch with me and said on his walk over here and seen a very "beautiful blonde woman" running who smiled and waved hello to him.

4. I put up a different profile pic on FB. the under the crazy looking face I set my mood to BLAH.
~My boyfriend who swears up and down he doesn't have FB. texted me BLAH!I asked him what's wrong? He didn't respond. The odd thing about that is he hasn't used the word in forever in a sentence.

5. I had a one of my girl friends over and her husband a few night ago. We had a few drinks and enjoyed one another company.
The next morning Mike and I talked about how she had a ton of cats and how hard it must be to keep her apartment clean. I brought up the fact that as we where walking out I seen two cats in the hallway leading out side.
~The very next day her and I are hanging out getting ready to head to the lake and she brings up both the cats in her hallway and the fact that she needs to clean more to keep up with her cats! Her an I never talked about any of this only Michael and I in private.

There are many "other things" that happen but the other stuff that happens doesn't bother me at all.

Does stuff like this happen to anyone else? Or am I missing something? I am very naive and I trust everyone with no questions asked until they do something to hurt me. Once a friend hurts me I cut them off.

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Re: Path is telling me what?
Post # 2
Some could be a coincidence, but I think the guy has a fb account and is following you.
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Re: Path is telling me what?
Post # 3
I don't have a facebook account anymore.
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