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Post # 1
How does one stop being an empath or get rid of empathy?
I've been told that I am an empath and if that is true then it is not helping me at all. It's making me miserable so I want to know how to get rid of it.

I realize others say it's a blessing or a gift but for me it feels like a illness.
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Re: empathy
Post # 2
Well for one you CANNOT get rid of it its part of you.

BUT you can learn to control it or tune it down.

But honestly why would you want to get rid of it, it`s a useful tool once you get a hang of it.
Either way here are some exercise for controlling it:
-Ok it may sound cliche but hey if it works. To make it short meditation, using it you center yourself and find where your ability is located then you isolate it and create just a small channel/line/contact with it so you can get used to it and learn to read/hear(understand) what its telling you(rest is up to you, tune it down or control it).
- More or less same as previous one only difference is that you are doing meditation while standing/moving effectively making it a part of your normal senses.
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Re: empathy
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Empathy is first and foremost psychological. Yes, empathy can be used to process spiritual information, but so can hearing and sight. That doesn't mean we need to pluck out our eyes or deafen ourselves because it has that ability. Everyone is empathic, but some are more aware of it than others. They are generally more "in touch" with their emotional side. To go back on this is actually unhealthy. People that shut down their emotional side and are not empathic are straining themselves mentally. When empathy runs your life, that means your emotions run you. And that's bad. You need to learn how to observe and let go of your emotions as they come. You can use any form of self help or even real counseling to deal with this. But understand it isn't something spiritual to shut off, but something psychological to face and learn to control. It will make you a stronger, more balanced person.

Do research. It is technically a neurosis, so you are right about the illness part. If you are not in control of your emotions, you do not have good mental health.
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