Music, Emotions, Magick.

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Music, Emotions, Magick.
Post # 1
Hello everyone I am Mr. Bacon. I'm sure that some of you have seen me in some forums or chat. Anyways let us get to the the main idea: Music and Magick.

I have found over the course of my three years of practicing energy manipulation that music effects the mood and through my practice my emotions are key in my casting. I am not an adept in the craft, however, I have been successful in my endeavors so I feel as if I can help out other beginners based on the experience I have. I will be going over different uses of magick and how emotion and music influence each other.

For healing, I would turn on a song that brings you to a calm and relaxed state and that fills you with happiness. For me, I use the song by Nickleback: Lullaby. I find healing is to be done with 'positive' energy. (Notice I placed positive in quotations? This is because positive is a subjective term that only carries meaning to the beholder).

Positive energy to myself means energy from emotions such as: Happiness, joy, excitement, calmness, peaceful, relaxation, enjoyment, and ect.

Negative energy to me comes from things such as: Anger, Rage, Sorrow, Depression, Jealousy, Despair, Angst, Disgust, Vengeance, and ect.

It is important to remember that these emotions carry energy that can be used for whatever you intend, however keep in mind not every emotion mixes well with everything. It's like chemistry if you mix baking soda and vinegar, you get an explosion. If you mix oil and water you get a solution that does not mix, but just the oil stacks on top of the water. Somethings just do not work well with others, you get what I mean?

Now for a curse, depending on what you are intending on doing exactly, I suggest using 'negative' energy. I personally have an instrumental I use that has me fired up: Gohan Transforms by Bruce Faulconer. It has me more focused on my intent and I feel as if I have gained extra energy from the emotion of Rage and/or Anger.

For Astral Projection I would use binaural beats that are from Idozer such as: Hand of God, OBE, Lucid Dream, Divinorum, and a few others. The purpose is to have you placed in a trance state and relaxed. From there you focus on separating from your body.

Music triggers emotion, I do not know the science behind it unfortunate that is why I speak from my experience. I hope this is not too vague and does get to the point. I also hope that this post help those who are beginners in the craft.

As for my sources? From my unverified personal gnosis. If you have any questions leave them in comments and I'll answer them to the best of my capability or someone else will answer them.

- Mr. Bacon
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Re: Music, Emotions, Magick.
Post # 2
Interesting theory.
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Re: Music, Emotions, Magick.
Post # 3
I swear this is true ...
Way back in my home province before , I played some songs (all about heartbreak )I came to hte point where it felt like Im in a stage singing those , I extremely felt the message and emotion of those songs... Then the next day, my partner broke up on me :(
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