Road Opening Spell

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Road Opening Spell
Post # 1
i need a Road opening spell for Job.

i have been trying hard to get a job of my choice but unable to. i feel someone has blocked my ways.
Please suggest if you know any Road Opening Spells as this is the best time to perform them.

PS: i am new so will need all the instructions.

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Re: Road Opening Spell
Post # 2
Personally I would look into sigils, and practicing making them. Drawing ones with the purpose onto your when applying and going to interviews is often very beneficial when done. As for spells, you can try looking up some luck spells, or even money spells which were to bring more money into your life. For something simple you can do since you are new, and perhaps in a hurry (When it comes to money/jobs many are) try this:

Firstly take a bath, perhaps burning some of your favorite incense, putting any soap you'd like, or whatever else makes you feel comfortable to cleanse your mind, body, and energy body. Take two candles a golden(if you can't find one try a yellow one, darker yellow the better) to represent luck, and a green to represent money/job. Now, set the candles about 7(7 being a representative of luck/money) inches apart, and place a dollar in between them. Take come time to get into your magical state of mind, once you are ready, light the candles and say this:

"I place these two candles here, gold for luck, green for money. With their burning their powers shall transfer to me, so I may get the career I seek. A job that will make me happy, a job that I am good at will come to me, and my luck and money shall flow like a river"

Repeat the words until you are convinced, until you actually feel they are true. This can happen in a few ways, but for me it is a light feeling, like a weight has been lifted from me. Now, once you are ready say this:

"This wax shall serve as a memory, of my future that is meant to be. Dripped on a dollar to earn me more, and forever with the my luck will endure."

Now drip some of the wax for each candle on the dollar, be careful not to burn yourself. Blow out the candles, or let them burn fully down, that is up to personal preference. Now, one the wax dries on the dollar, fold it up, trying to keep as much wax in it as possible. Put it in a vial, or even a little plastic baggy, and carry it around with you at all times.
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Re: Road Opening Spell
Post # 3
The websigt does happen to have a shop that has good luck charms for as low as $5.05 as well as drawling in money charms hoped that helps :D
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Re: Road Opening Spell
Post # 4
Call upon Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, when you work a spell for this. He can help remove anything in your path to obtaining what you want.
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