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Post # 1

Remember this is just my views on magic or magick.

What is magic?

Magic or Magick is a skill that has been practiced for thousands of years, never perfectly mastered. This art is taking " Neutral " energy and influensing it to a " Positive " or " Negative " effect. There are many practitioners that study magic(k), some stop trying because they find out magic(k) isn't easy.

How to use magic?

Well some people meditate to a extent were their soul or spirit will awaken. It makes magic(k) a little more easier. In order to use magic(k) you will need to believe in magic, as in when doing a spell or a blessing or anything that involve magic(k)al uses you will need to believe that it will work, otherwise it will not work. You will also need to be able to focus your mind and have imagination.

Can I change my DNA with magic?

Magic(k) can not change your physical being. So if you want to come on here looking to become any of the following, well I am sorry but you can't;

  • You can't become a vampire.
  • You can't become a mermaid.
  • You can't become a Fairy.
  • You can't become a Dragon.
  • You can't become a succubus.
  • You can't become a octupus.
  • You can't become a unicorn.
  • You can't become a Women.
  • You can't become a Chicken.
  • You can't become a Male.
  • You can't become a Lizard.

There are a whole lot of things you can't become using magic(k). Now I am also going to list things that you can't change;

  • Your eye color.
  • Your height.
  • Your weight.
  • Your hair color.
  • Your skin color.
  • Your apperiance.

Those also go along the lines.

That is all I am going to place because my fingers are cramped again so anyone want to add more realistical information go ahead.

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Re: Magic
Post # 2
It's a great post, but I would of liked it even more if you added information about the law of nature and the law of physics because that's connected to 'can I change my DNA with magic'.
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Re: Magic
Post # 3
Great post Witch! Hopefully this will somewhat stop most of the questions that are asked everyday but not sure it will...though another question that is asked a lot is if can I sell my soul to the devil? No you can not sell your soul because your soul is what makes you well you! Also if any newbies to magick are looking to summon some type of demon or god or angel...don't. You can't summon a god a demon or angel if you summon them you need to know how to bring them back first and you never know what will happen and is just something you don't mess around with if you don't know or have practiced the basics of magick yet.
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Re: Magic
Post # 4

Mediumship you can help me, because I don't know much about the Laws of Nature.

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Re: Magic
Post # 5
Just mail me and I will help you, so in the future you can explain further.
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Re: Magic
Post # 6

Jet in some religions people believe they can sell their souls to the Devil, Hades, Pluto, and or Satan. Some people believe they can make deals with demons. In all actuallity it depends on the religion. In my religion, you can make deals with demons, but they never fall through on theirs, they take over your body (knowing demons are not physical beings, but spirits as well). In some other religions they look upon people who claim "they are possessed by a demon." That they are mentally crazy. This fraze has been used hundreds of times so it is hard to know if someone is telling the truth or is pulling your leg "It wasn't me, a demon did it!"

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