Leaving my body

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Leaving my body

Leaving my body
Post # 1
How do I know I've successfully ap'd last time I tryed it felt like my face was being pulled in a bunch of different directions and in my mind I saw alot of purple. Also it felt like my left arm and leg were trying to get up out my body and roll over but that's it. I was using a guided meditation but it doesn't take me very long to get into sleep paralysis so I think I was ahead of the audio guide so I'm gonna try it without the audio.
Any advice would be so helpful because everytime I think I'm close I check and I know I'm still in my body. How do I know if I'm out of my body and when I do project can I open my eyes and look around using my astral body?
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Re: Leaving my body
Post # 2

"How do I know if I'm out of my body and when I do project can I open my eyes and look around using my astral body?"

Let's take this one question at a time...

How do you know you've projected successfully?
If we look at this using most theories of planar shifting the "astral body" has many of the same aspects between them. That stated I'll speak in broad terms: Your subtle form is free existing. It can move, bend, float, fall, everything without the physical manifestation dictating. Once this is achieved you'll know. There is also a common feeling of relief or weightlessness. There won't be anoymore pulling, burning, shivering, or other sensations closely associate with the technique you specifically used to project.

Can you open your eyes and see? In astral manifestation:
Yes! It's fairly simple in concept, the astral interpretation of your existence may or not have eyes. This is not a problem for most people because you don't need them. It is a perceptive situation where basically you look like what you think. If what you think doesn't have eyes then you won't have visible eyes however a visual sense will manifest metaphorically and it won't be much different from opening your physical eyes. How we see the astral planes is different than how we see the physical, it's more perceiving than what's physically there. Most of it is metaphorical anyway. When you first project how you view things might not be the way you want or planned, in which case you can begin developing a more or less conscious form of perceiving and interpreting subtle energies.
Basically what this all means is, you can see whether or not you have appear to have eyes. If you don't have eyes and want to have eyes, change your perspective some and manifest some eyes. If you don't perceive color and you want to perceive color, again change your perspective by training your subtle interpretations.

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Re: Leaving my body
Post # 3
The above answer is what I was going to say so no need. Although you mentioned just as you think you are about to project, you check and it kind of flops from then on. When I've tried to purposely astrally project this is were I would fail, try not checking, try to keep your mind clear of thought, especially about whether you are out and floating free. You're so close!!! Let me know when you get there if you would, it's so amazing to KNOW that you're truly a form of energy, the true, pure 'self' or 'ego'.
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