can i cure depression?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> can i cure depression?

can i cure depression?
Post # 1

hey sorry for bothering you all by this,

but i am extremly depressed and have been depressed most of my life, ive got help through doctors but it just does not do anything, i feel like im just tired of this im only 18 and ive already had enough, lately its gotten worse i have no interest in anything all i want to do is drink my sorrows away every night, my boyfriend was cheating on me and told me he always hated me he just used me, and i was physicaly abused by a guy i trusted he hurt me soo bad those memories still haunt me all the time is there anyway magic can help me..?

i just want to feel better even if its for a while because at the minuite it just feels like i cannot manage much more with this

thank you

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Re: can i cure depression?
Post # 2

I am sorry for the situation you are in. Unfortunetly there is not spell to cure depression. It is a battle that you must want to fight. Get more help, try different doctors and therapists, try different medications if that is something you are willing to do. *Medication is not a bad thing, many people will say different,they have reasons. I can tell you medication helped me.

Magick can help you understand yourself, it can change how view the past, yourself, and the future. It will not be quick, it takes a long time for some. It is not an easy road, chances are it will bring it's own set of issues to your life.

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Re: can i cure depression?
Post # 3
Don't use medication. Using medication is just a way of suppressing your true feelings. They are drugs, just with a different name used. It is the same as drinking away your problems or smoking weed to try and fix your problems. If you think you are going to kill yourself, then medication may be best but it wouldn't be wise to become dependent on them.

Everything that happens in your life has divine purpose to it. I know it may be hard to see now, but you picked the path you walked before you even entered into this world. We all choose the major experiences of our lives long before they ever occur. We pick them while we are in our eternal state, before ever being born into this world. These horrible feelings you have are out in the open right now, and at this moment, you have been given the opportunity to rid yourself and your soul of these negative emotional attachments forever. Bringing harmony to these experiences will free you from them. Detaching yourself from them and moving on will remove the chains that bound you to your pain (detaching is not the same as suppressing or ignoring). We all live has Gods in human form, even you. We are one with God, one with everything. It is all apart of us. I know you have had a difficult road and you have more hard times to come, but this moment you are in now can act as a catalyst to bring you into the better side that life can offer you. Ask your angels and your guardians for help, they are all around you just waiting for you to ask them. They will show you the way, all you must do is be willing to listen for their guidance. It can come in any form, from the wind blowing to positive thoughts that repeat in your mind or from some words another may say to you or words in a song, but when they come, you will have a feeling of connection to them. Their words and guidance is always positive because they love you more then you can imagine. The universe is built to bring about our highest possible outcome in any given situation, all you must be willing to do is accept that outcome and not run from it because of fear of disappointment. We are spiritual beings seeking a physical existence, not physical beings seeking a spiritual existence. These experiences are ultimately designed to help us learn the universal lessons this life has to offer us. Some will come through pain and suffering while others will come through love and joy. The worst experiences in your life can bring about the best ones yet to come.

You need to learn to detach yourself from the horrible abuse you have suffered and the negative experiences of your past. You need to let go of them or they will keep coming back to haunt you. Clinging to these negative experiences will only warp the universe to bring them to you once more. You need to examine them and find out the universal lessons that each one had to offer you, the lesson that can free you from these experiences and give you sight of your true self worth once more. This will help enable you to remove the chains that these experiences bound you with and help you let go of these experiences that no longer serve your highest interests. I know it will be very hard and will take a lot of work, but once you have accomplished it, you will see the light and grace of the universe coming back into your life and filling your life with the wonders this world has to offer you. These negative attachments are only acting as a repellant for these positive forces that are trying to come to you. Trust that inner voice of light that exists within and it will guide you to the freedom you seek. Don't give into the darkness and the voices that pull you toward it. You have the strength to overcome whatever life throws at you, you were born with this strength; all you must do is realize it has always been there and allow it's graces to fall upon you freely.

If you seek the help of your guardians in the higher realms, try using angel numbers to start yourself off. They are numbers you see repeating throughout the day or week. Anything "out of the norm" that repeats itself is usually your guardians trying to communicate with you. This site will help you understand what they are trying to say, although it just acts as basic guidelines. Look within to your feelings for the specifics, because you have all the answers you seek; all that is left is for you to find them within yourself and learn which voice holds your highest interests.
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Re: can i cure depression?
Post # 4

Depression is a physical illness that has manifestations in the mind but is also much more. Further, alcohol is depressant, stop using it! .I advocate the use of meds, excercise and cognitive behavioural therapy.

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Re: can i cure depression?
Post # 5
There are many physical aspects that causes depression, although depression can also occur from emotional aspects. Exercising can defiantly help as well as changing your diet and eating more fruits and vegetables. If you fix the physical unbalances, it will defiantly help greatly with dealing with this. You should do some research or see a doctor about a diet that can produce all the vitamins your body needs to stop depression that occurs from the physical stand point.
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Re: can i cure depression?
Post # 6

thanks for the replys and for your support,

i thought magick could help even to forget memories but as you said that would probably make things worse, thanks for telling me

i will try to stop drinking, and i will get more help from my doctor,

i think medication is what i need most of all at least now for the time being, i know that some people become dependant on them, but for in my case im willing to try to get better medication to stop thinking of these self harm thoughts.

thank you for pointing me in the right direction to go, i didnt have anyone to turn to, i dont have many close friends and i was scared to ask my family.

blessings be )O(

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Re: can i cure depression?
Post # 7

Keep in touch poker.

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Re: can i cure depression?
Post # 8
I have battled depression for years... I have also endured abuse of nearly every kind. I am a survivor. You sweet girl, need to fight for yourself because you are WORTH it. That is the first thing you have to realize. While all the advise that everyone has given you is great, it doesn't mean anything until you realize what you are worth. I know this because I was you 17 years ago..

So, you see, Ahmdreed is correct. We do choose this path because I wouldn't be able to tell you without certainty that there is life after depression and abuse. That there is HAPPINESS after depression and abuse.

I had been abused since I was a small child until my mid-twenties. The cheating..that was the least of my worries. It all came down to what I believed my worth was. Until I saw myself as worthy of being loved by MYSELF, I wasn't going to treat myself right and attract the people who would either.

The drinking, is a depressant. So that will only continue to make you feel depressed. if you want to feel better...stop drinking. But that is only a small part.

The medication, it's really just a Band-Aid. While helpful, its really there to HELP you heal. It won't heal you. You have to work on the healing part. You have to figure out why you feel the way you do and release it. Also, with manmade meds you have to be very careful because they can even have the opposite effect and make you more depressed and even suicidal. Cymbalta being the most dangerous in my experience.
I take an herbal blend for anxiety called Theanine Serene, but there are plenty of homeopathic ways to help with depression. Aromatherapy being a big one as well. Lemon Verbena is a great one for that.

Diet- cutting out preservatives and sodas is huge! That stuff is literally poison (rat poison) in our bodies and will aggravate that part of the brain that triggers depression.

Exercise- no one says you have to become a gym-rat. even just 10-15 mins of light yoga a few times a week will make a huge difference in your body's chemistry and you will feel the difference and want to do more.

I know it sounds cheesy but reading spiritual self-help books makes a huge difference. Just like clearing out negative spirit energy, you have to replace it with good energy...the same goes for your brain space. You are clearing out negative thoughts and behaviors and you need to replace them with positive thoughts and behaviors so that you don't leave room for more negative.

Meditation and asking your Guardians and Guides for help will be key to getting thru the pain of confronting your fears. But once you do, I promise you, there is happiness and peace waiting for you. I am living proof of that. I have found my soulmate..I have wonderful children and a deep connection to the Goddess and God. Your life doesn't have to be one of pain and suffering, you just have to DECIDE that you are WORTHY of so much more like I know that you are.

Blessings to you!
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