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Love Spells
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In this thread I will seek to make you more aware of what you are doing, how you should be doing it, in my opinion.

Firstly, a love spell. This term too often is mistaken for concentrating on a single person with which the caster is generally infatuated. This can be the case, but all love spells aren't. There are love spells that draw in love that is good for you and more true to what you personally need. I say this because most practitioners who have the magical 'strength' to alter another's state of mind have, usually, already contemplated the fact that if they cast this form of a love spell the relationship won't really be love. Also, the infatuation can blind you as to why this person isn't the best option or this isn't the best path to take. I'm not saying it's the wrong path, but it's certainly one you should consider thoroughly before undertaking.

All this being said, I will not provide a method for targeting a single person's will and forcing them to be with you. As I do not personally approve of it. It isn't difficult to draw love into your life. This being said you should try mundane routes and not expect this to get the one person to talk to you. The best thing to do there is simply get up and talk to them.

Love Spell:

Materials (Should you feel you want them):
Rose Quartz
Rose Petals
Pink Candle
Pen (Pink preferred)

1. Cleanse and concentrate your workplace as per norm.
2. Visualize personality traits in mystery man, you can write this down on paper beforehand if it helps. (I do not recommend a multitude of physical aspects)
3. Put down flower petals in circle (if you don't have a ton it is perfectly okay just get 'em spread out (I would do four if I used any at all)), kissing each one thinking of what you want in your partner. If you aren't using materials simply walk about the circle in one direction three times visualizing the personality.
4. Light your candle and whisper the traits, or if you have them written down burn the paper (Have a place to set the paper to finish burning(Not the floor)).
5. Visualize energy building up in you and turning a shade of pink. Build up till you are sufficiently pleased.
6. Send out the built up energy. (I throw my hands outward arms outstretched)
7. Blow out candle.
8. Walk counter-direction to the original direction, if you had petals pick them up.
9. Release petals into wind.
10. Do not expect immediate effects.
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