Teen Witches Revived

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Teen Witches Revived
Post # 1

Teen Witches: For More than Just Teens

Teen Witches was originally a coven focused on teaching those new to magic the skills and knowledge that they need in order to work with magic successfully. During the time of the original founding, there were many members who were above the "supposed" age limit of teens only. Eventually, this idealistic goal got squashed, and only teens were allowed for the longest time, with members older than 19 having to mail the leadership before applying.

Our Coven Goal: To Be Ourselves

We now return to our roots, and become a coven for anyone of all ages, of all paths, of all experiences. We wish to further those who don't know that much, and at the same time, to further ourselves in teaching the new and the young. Those older, more experienced members gain something not found in well established covens; they have a place to share their knowledge, where members are eager and willing to learn, and a peer group which is interested in asking questions.

We do not seek to squash the knowledge, but rather to spread the knowledge that we have gained. We seek to gain new perspectives, different ways of thinking and reflecting, and to learn more about ourselves.

This coven isn't about black, white, gray, purple, or any color. It is about family, it is about learning, it is about growing. Our coven is about magic. It is about becoming you, being true to your heart.

Our Leadership: Simple is Best

We do not have a dynamic of leadership, and so have no problems or issues ever arise out of dissention between priest and priestess. Our council are few in number, but great in quality, and do a wonderful job as council.

Our coven council consists of Iris. and CHCSorceress. Both of these members are highly intelligent, have quite a bit of experience behind their belts, and have spent their time within the coven helping and communicating with other members. Iris. has been practicing magic for a few years now, and CHC has been practicing for fifteen years.

I (Hades1) am also known as Kebs on this site. I am a Kemetic practitioner, a member of the Kemetic Orthodoxy as a Remetj, and I have been practicing magic for around a decade now. I have studied information on my path for over a decade, but until the few years, practiced it in a highly eclectic sense. I have returned to the traditions of Kemet (Egypt) in a sense to better know myself and the world around me. I have gained a deeper spiritual purpose in doing so.

Applications: Quick and Easy

Our application process is quick and easy. Simply hit "Accepting Applications" on our front page, then "Apply to Join this Coven". Your profile will be reviewed, and based upon it, you will be accepted or rejected. It can take up to 24 hours for you to be accepted into the coven, so please be patient.

We do require that you log in once a week, or else leave a message in the "Leave of Absense" thread in our forums.


If you have any questions about the coven, please mail me or one of our council members. We would be happy to help you with anything. :)

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Re: Teen Witches Revived
Post # 2

I have switched my Hades account with my Kebs account. I did this because I am more attached to my Kebs account, and will spend more time under it than any other I have. :)

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