The Futhark saga

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Forums -> Norse Paganism -> The Futhark saga

The Futhark saga
Post # 1
Origanally Published on the Nordic Pride Facebook Page

Have you ever looked at the aetts of the runes, and saw the story they tell us? Just as the skalds of old sat around the fire and spoke of poor farmers become wealthy, the runes now tell us an immortal tale. They tell the tale of a hero, maturing from manhood and adventuring until he settles down in his homeland once more.

If we examine the names of the aetts themselves we can capture a synopsis of the saga. Our hero starts in Freyrs aett. This would suggest the hero is comparable to Freyrs lusty, happy, and lighthearted nature. Then Hagals aett occurs and the hero is faced with hardships and struggles. Finally the story concluded in Tyrs aett. In Tyrs aett the hero has finally become a seasoned veteran of battle and adventure, and now returns home to settle down in peace.

In the beginning of our saga the hero inherits wealth in the rune Fehu. He then begins his training as a soldier with the rune Uruz. Once he has mastered combat, he now embodies Thurisaz. Then he seeks education in the form of Ansuz. Now he is ready to adventure and rides forth into the unknown as told by Raido. On his journeys he learns more about the world as seen in the enlightenment of Kenaz. At the end of his first great adventure he celebrates with joy and gifts in the form of Gebo and Wunjo.

The first half of Hagals aett tells us that our heros past comes back to bite his rear, and he is harmed and faced with a decision to fight. Pertho embodies this gamble of a fight. This would suggest our hero faces an enemy in a duel, despite the odds being against him. The hero goes forth into battle once more, and the gods protect him.Algiz protects the hero, and as such he achieves victory as told by Sowilo.

The final aett tells of a seasoned hero. He has become a veteran warrior and achieved justice by slaying his enemies as told by Tiwaz. The last of the aett tells of Berkano, a woman coming into the heros life. He rides off and lives out the rest of his days with his love in his homeland as told by Ehwaz, Mannaz, Dagaz, and Othala.

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Re: The Futhark saga
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
thats awesome! thanks for sharing with us Clev.
I've heard something a bit like this before but it was titled "harry potter and the futhark", i like this one better lol.
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Re: The Futhark saga
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

I like this quite a bit!

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Re: The Futhark saga
Post # 4
An enjoyable read...

Quite outstanding, sir.
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