I need some guidance

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I need some guidance
Post # 1
OK here is my problem... we are newly weds living in a small one bedroom apartment with 3 small kids. Total family of five and a large dog. We are very cramped and this is really starting to cause problems and tension. We have been looking for a house to buy but haven't found what we need. We are limited income too so its a tight budget. I want to try a spell to help our situation but I don't know what kind of spell to cast. I have looked at many wish spells, success spells, money spells, and good luck spells. But I haven't found the right spell. Does anyone have any suggestions or maybe a good spell for my situation?
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Re: I need some guidance
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
when my carlos montrnegro and anna riva books get here with real and powerful spells i will find some and give to you OK> Iknow what you are feeling and the money situation makes it tuff if you have a big library go there or look up online although i have found this to dang hard almost impossible!
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Re: I need some guidance
Post # 3
I've sort of been in the same position before. What I did was basically making a clear intention of exactly what I wanted then I created a specific ritual that involved just that. once I have done the ritual I would focus everyday on living in my new place and feeling the feels of actually having my intention manifested.
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Re: I need some guidance
Post # 4
I find it helpful to follow along the lines of a spell to find your "True Love". It leaves your options open to what will fit your family perfectly and the universe will find a way to pull you together (as in your family and new house) and will be financially suitable to your needs.

I would start by writing down on a sheet of parchment paper (or any nice resume paper that feels special) with a concecrated pen or writing utensil that feels magical. Write down every aspect of the house that you NEED to be able to live comfortable, your price range, yard, # of bathrooms, etc. and line them up in the order of importance.

Now go gather information on "true love" spells that resonant with you. Adjust the words, herbs and anything else to what you feel would work best for your situation and make your own words. Take your time to align your spell with the most powerful moon phase that you feel would work best.

Follow the directions of the spell/spells that feel is right for your purpose so that as you are preparing the spell you can feel the power of it already while in the making.

I would also strongly suggest meditating on the thought of the place you desire so that you come to a compromise between what you need and what you want... as the needed will come to you before the more extravagant wanted place will.

To give you an idea of how well this works, I am currently in a similar situation except the house we are in is great for our family but the landlord is having to sell it. We havebeen blessed with paying a very little amount in rent for this big house in a great neighborhood (it seems my last spell may have worked very well as well!:) but now we have no place to go and nearly no money to work with.

I recently lost my job (on the anniversary of my son passing away no less). Now, please realize that you have to put forth physical effort but it WILL come forth in the right time. These were my needs: I needed a job quickly that offered me comparable money as my last job with fast pay, a place to live with a decent amount of room for my family, close by, same school system for my kids, that we could afford and stay in for about a year so we can save up to afford something else.

My wants were: a job that offered more money, flexible schedule with weekends off, outside that would play off from my strengths, a large house, in the country with a big yard.

These are my results so far: I found another job that started two days after I lost my last one, it is more satisfying, pays more, outside, I am happier, a lady contacted us and let us know that she knows of our situation and that she is going to be moving out of her home for a year and offered for us to move in and does not want rent! On top of that, its in the furthest country part of our kids' school system, its a five bedroom house and we would just need to pay utilities! This all started May fifth, I started work May 7th, got paid the first three days in cash for what I worke, the lady also contacted us on May 7th, we look at it tomorrow and we can move in when we want after they move the first part of June. On top of that, we may not need to move until the end of summer or maybe not at all.

There are far more at work underneath the cloak that we can see but I believe that we can tap into it for our needs and wants, but you must have faith in magic and faith in yourself. The suggestions I gave above are very much the same that I used and it seems to be going very well so far. It all comes down to what makes you feel powerful and what feels right to you.

I hope this helps and things work out great for you. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Re: I need some guidance
Post # 5
Ok well id go on section eight houseing and get some gov benafits fast befor thing get worse. There are all kinds of prograhms for familys who actualy need help dont be to proud to take it this is why we pay taxes so familys can get help.
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