Honey jar spells

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Honey jar spells
Post # 1
Do u have to use a candle for honey jar spells! I need to use a yellow candle but instead can I use a yellow rose! And write what I want on that on both sides!?
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Re: Honey jar spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Hello Taylor123xxx, A honey jar spell can be tricky but is quite interesting. It's one of the more basic spells which should be attempted only by those who atleast have a basic conscription of the subject. I would recommend experimenting with the ingredients according to what the more experienced people suggest on this website. Find the ingredients and method that suits you best, that's a good goal for an apprentice spell caster. Since you are new and a younger age caster I will explain it a little more clearly. Educate yourself on the idea, prepare yourself mentally,physically, and spiritually before you attempt any spells,rituals,meditations, etc. I will warn you, stay AWAY from black or grey magick, they are much more deadly than white magick and can cause serious problems which you do NOT want to deal with. If you wish to study black and grey magick anyways I suggest giving it a few years of studying it and having actual experiance with white magick before attempting. But never jump straight into the more complex and powerful spells even if it is white magick. Practice makes perfect. Peace and Love friend
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Re: Honey jar spells
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Having worked with honey jar spells I can't imagine that substituting a yellow candle for a rose would be effective as you would be changing the entire nature of the spell. That said if you intention is strong enough and you believe in it anything is possible.
With regard to black, white and grey magick please be aware that there is no such thing. Magick is magick it can be used in a positive or negative way but this depends on a persons intentions.
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Re: Honey jar spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Yes, those are merely classifications for the different uses of the magick. Just be wise with what you practice
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