How do I find my Element?

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How do I find my Element?
Post # 1
Hi, I'm in China right now. My family have moved from Canada to China. I've been trying to find my element for a few weeks.
My zodiac sign is Sagittarius which meand it is element Fire but when I did some research of my moon sign, it says my elements are fire and air.
When I'm in my hometown (Canada), I always loved how the morning air smells like and felt I'm free. But when I moved to China, I don't feel like being free nor like how the air smells like.
Oh, In China, I sometimes love how the coolness of the wind. (Not all the time)
When I'm near fire in the winter, I love how the heat feels but not much in the summer. I get angry and annoyed easily. (I really dislike the heat in summer)
Well, for water, I'm afraid of the ocean because when my head goes under the water it gives me frighten thoughts.
For element earth, I don't know if Im afraid, dislike or like it.
When I'm happy it feels like I can't control myself. When I'm sad my heart seems to be dead. When I'm angry or frustrated, I will be mad or annoyed at others if they tried to talk to me (I just can't control it!)
That's why my family always gets angry at me for being so rude etc.
I tried to do a really simple airbending spell but it doesn't seem to work. Acutally, I tried Fire, Earth and water, simple spells I tried doesn't work not just the air one.
Is there something wrong with me? Or am I going crazy?

Can someone please help me? I really need help finding my element..

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Re: How do I find my Element?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
You can try asking your spirit guide for help
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Re: How do I find my Element?
Post # 3
Spirit guide?
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Re: How do I find my Element?
Post # 4
Thanks for helping me.
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