Month Of may

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Month Of may
Post # 1

The first day of May( Maia ) and the New Year( Janus ). Are almost similiarly Popular in different Ancient Civilization's. The two Gods I mentioned next to the Holy days are Greek and are often the one's celbrated on those days. Please recall the greeks for most of there time only had Ten Months.

During the Month of May. It is often believed the best spells to make are ones that include flowers. This can go for Divination, Spellcasting, Rituals, Blots, Festivals, and even Meditation.

This is also a great Time to get connected to A Earthy or spring Being. Such as Maia .

The Best Thing though I plan to do is SPRING CLEANING!!!

Around The World In Old May!

The next place has my respect in total regards. I am speaking of The Festival of Lemuria. This festival is in The Roman culture. Where people would remember the Lemures. The Lemures are Wandering spirits. Every family prefromed there own private ritual, which would always ended with taking gifts to the Graves. This Holy day was done on The 9, 11, and 13th of May.

In China as well as Europe. Mugwort was seen as a very sacred Herb. Around May fifth The chinese made dolls from the mugwort leaves. Then hung the doll at doors to repel negtavity.

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Re: Month Of may
Post # 2

May Moon Names!

What follows is a list of the names given to the May moon:

  • Alewive Moon ~ Passamaquoddy
  • Big Leaf Moon ~ Mohawk
  • Blossom Moon ~ Anishnaabe
  • Bright Moon ~ Celtic
  • Corn Planting Moon ~ Taos, Algonquin
  • Corn Weed Moon ~ Agonquin
  • Dyad Moon ~ other
  • Fat Horses Moon ~ Cheyenne
  • Field Maker Moon ~ Abernaki
  • Frog Moon ~ Cree
  • Grass Moon ~ Neo Pagan
  • Green Leaf Moon ~ Apache
  • Green Leaves Moon ~ Dakota
  • Hare Moon ~ Medieval English
  • Hoeing Corn Moon ~ Winnebago
  • Idle Moon ~ Assiniboine
  • Leaf Tender Moon ~ San Juan
  • Little Corn Moon ~ Natchez
  • Milk Moon ~ Colonial American, Algonquin
  • Mothers Moon ~ Janic (full)
  • Mulberry Moon ~ Greek
  • Ninth Moon ~ Wishram, Janic (dark)
  • Panther Moon ~ Choctaw
  • Planting Moon ~ Cherokee
  • Ponies Shed Moon ~ Sioux
  • Shaggy Hair Moon ~ Arapaho
  • Strawberry Moon ~ Potawatomi
  • Waiting Moon ~ Hopi
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Re: Month Of may
Post # 3

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