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Post # 1
Hi, I'm Candle01 and i found this site by chance, or perhaps i was drawn to it. Either way, once again I asked the universe and Mother Earth for help as i am struggling at the beginning of this path and once again the Universe and Mother Earth answered me in their own subtle way. For years i have been struggling through life trying to come to terms with various things, too numerous to mention. I have always read the Tarot and had an interest in anything Spiritual but like many before me i didnt think of this path until one night a few years ago, when everything in my life was going haywire, i sat in the garden for a cigarette. (yes, i smoke) Anyway, i felt that there was nothing left for me in this life. As i sat back my eyes went up to the moon, which was full and i just relaxed. I cant explain it, it sounds rather silly to some people but its true nonetheless. I just relaxed and allowed myself to feel part of that bigger picture. I slept that night. Since then i have still struggled but i take the time to relax in the open. I practice with simple little things like candles and anything i feel is right. i sometimes use plants if i know enough about the plant but my knowledge is very limited so i do not use herbs although they interest me greatly. At the moment i dont know what i am or where i'm going but this just feels right. I hope to meet new, like minded friends here and learn from them as i hope they can learn something from me too.
May your heart sing.
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Re: Hello!!
Post # 2
Welcome to the website Candle. Glad to have another lovely person here. I hope you find everything you are looking for.
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Re: Hello!!
Post # 3
You are actually building a really good base for yourself by simply taking time to meditate. Most people try to jump straight into spellcasting and wanting to do high level magick, but they do not value basic meditation which is what really strengthens you. So I am proud of you. Keep it up. One step at a time, one day at a time, one moment at a time. You are doing great.
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