Your Spells Don't Work?

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Forums -> General Info -> Your Spells Don't Work?

Your Spells Don't Work?
Post # 1
I have been seeing that people have been saying that their spells are not working, and I will try and attempt to tell you as to why they do not work.

1. Do you know your basics?
- The basics are very important when it comes to spellwork. You will need to know simple little things from visualization to more complex things like circle casting.

2. Are you putting your intent into your spell?
- Intention is very important. If you are not putting your intent into the spell, then why are you doing it at all? Having no intent is like just having the bread without any cheese or ham on it. All you need to do is think of your intent, you can even draw your intent (you do not have to be perfect).

3. Is enough energy being put into the spell?
- Putting energy into your spell should be one of your priorities. Magick to some is energy and if you are not putting much of it into your spell, it will not work as much.

3. How about them moon phases?
-Some spells require you to have a spell done on a specific moon phase. You should try to do the spell on the specific moon phase as the moon gives off it's own kind of energy that helps your spell work.

4. Is the kind of spell a magick you know?
-Don't do a binding spell if you know nothing about it. Don't do a Dragon Magick spells do not even think of doing a spell if you do not even know what Dragon Magick is. If you want to start doing a different magick, then research, and learn about it.

5. Are the tools absolutely necessary?
-If a spell says that a certain tool is necessary, you should have it, now there are alternatives to certain tools, but if it is desperately needed, then you should have it.

6. Hmm, maybe you missed it?
- So, lets say you casted a luck spell. Luck spells work in various ways. You can say to yourself, 'wow, I wish I had that' and you end up actually getting it, but you have no idea that was luck. Take note of spells like that. Be aware of your surroundings, because you never know if a spell worked and you just don't know.

7. Still having problems?
- If you are still having problems with your spells, then you should go back to #1, you should practice the basics more. They will help. Once you research, learn and practice them, you will find that your spells will slowly begin to work.

I hope I was able to help.

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Re: Your Spells Don't Work?
Post # 2
I have a few comments to make, mostly because your thread concerns me a bit in its misinformation.


As I have said before on other threads, the basics of this site are not basic at all. I don't circle cast, because not only is it not in my path (Kemeticism) but it is also excessive to me. Why should I create a circle, if the only benefit I gain from it is focusing my energies and mind on the task at hand through the ritual of it? What purpose does it serve me, when I can assume the form of a netjer to not only protect me, but also to focus me? What purpose does it serve me, when I focus myself through purity rituals before I work with the netjeru? Grounding and centering is also non-traditional and pointless to me as I practice heka, which is in everything I do.

My point is, basics are path based, and as such, cannot always be said to have an effect on a spell.

Moon Phases:

These are again, path based. I work with the sun more than the moon, because as a Kemetic practitioner, I worship solar cycles far above those which are lunar. While I respect the moon, and honor those netjeru linked to it, it is not important to me.

Truthfully, the moon to many is simply a rock in the sky that reflects sunlight. To me, it isn't so much so as it is a beautiful display of light. But my point is that the phase of the moon does not effect the spell, it effects the practitioner. The moon phases are used symbolically, and should be treated in the same way. Meaning, you shouldn't assume your spell didn't work because you either ignored the moon phase, or did it in a opposite one. It didn't work, because you didn't think/believe it would.


While I do agree about research, I would like to leave you with an interesting question; how did the people who first did a binding or dragon magic, or anything else get to that point?


Tools and tool usage is once more, path based. A revenge spell without chili powder will still occur if you put your energy and intention into it. A love spell without rose petals will still work if you put your energy and intention in it. It is not the tool that does the spell, it is the caster.

Did They Work:

Well, yes of course saying something can cause a reaction in the world. It is a basic tenant of several different paths, including mine. When you say something with intention, energy, and understanding, it is very likely to happen, which is why when you say you wish your parents would just die, they don't. You didn't understand what you said and you didn't have the intention for them to die. But if I tell someone to have a good day, it can effect their day, as I not only mean it in all honesty, but also I have the understanding of it and I put my energy into it.

Please, don't give newbies false information any more.
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Re: Your Spells Don't Work?
Post # 3
Well, I tried, and it seems I failed.
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Re: Your Spells Don't Work?
Post # 4

I agree with Danni.

WhiteRav3n has once made a post explaining why spells may not work for you, which gives accurate and true information.

Check it out here:

I couldn't write this better myself !

Hope it inspires.

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Re: Your Spells Don't Work?
Post # 5
Seekedxdawn tried and even though she made a few good points some tweaking could be done. Saying that she did not give any newbies false information being as moon phases are often used for spells. I being Kemetic also makes me more of a sun guy. But spells often have strengths at moons.

Dannie makes a point as well,

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Re: Your Spells Don't Work?
Post # 6
Yule, my point was that while they are often used, they are not going to effect your casting unless you work with their symbolism. Also, I made the exact same point as to my spiritual inclinations.

But I would love to hit you up in mail. It's rare that anyone on this site involves themselves in the study and practice of ancient Egyptian life and beliefs.
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