An escape.

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An escape.
Post # 1
With their claims and beliefs, some children on here can confound our knowledge of realism, leaving us frustrated in our attempts to show them their follies. Yet why not allow them their fantasies?

And that is the purpose of this thread. Have we forgotten how to escape?

Attenborough used to believe the songs of birds were a territorial thing. His latest idea is that when they awake and the it is still slightly too dim to forage for food, what better than to sing.

In the evening our resident song thrush goes through its melodious repertoire; a pleasure to listen to.

I fancy s/he is telling the rest of the bird kingdom the days news.
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Re: An escape.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
If you just let them have their fantasies it makes it that much harder to teach those who truly want to learn what can be done. You have so many people saying "you can't do this, but you have people stuck in fantasy land saying "but you can do that." This causes confusion for those truly trying to learn. There are ways to satisfy your fantasy schtick without getting to the point where you act like and think it's all real; being fluffy and/or role-playing. But don't bring fluff and rp here. I
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Re: An escape.
Post # 3
Regrettably I didn't word my post very.

What I meant was, we have all been there, to some degree, in a fantasy world. As we get older we lose it. Some children here still have it and there's nothing wrong with that.

The point of this thread was to ask folk if they can still fantasize, like the one I have about the song thrush.

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Re: An escape.
Post # 4
I can speak from personal experiences as i remember lousing my child mind to a more hard and calculating one, yet i am happy to report that i recently regained my imagination that i thought lost, and so i spent most of my free time creating new worlds and living adventures BUT i have a very firm line between fiction and reality also this is a place of learning and as such you must leave behind the ideas that can be harmful for you're studies.

But you are right it is important to see that we can not grow if i we stick to the childish idea that having a childish fantasy is childish
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