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Spiritual Wand Action
Post # 1
Hi all, I'm new. I've visited this site quite a few times but I decided to join today because I wanted to share my experiences of what happened last night and see if anyone has any comments or insight.

I currently own 4 wands - a standard sized ebony, a miniature ebony and a miniature purpleheart, all purchased from alivans, and a stainless steel rod that I count as a wand that I got off ebay.

I'm also currently waiting in the mail for a lignum vitae wand from alivans. Lignum vitae is reputedly the wood that Merlin (of King Arthur fame) had his staff made out of.

Anyway I'm not too sure if it was a dream or a vision but last night I found myself in the house I grew up in and became aware that my older sister was trying to do something spiritually dark and evil to my younger brother. She had given him some kind of magical book that was deceiving him and not having a good effect on him.

Once I became aware I decided I would put a stop to it. So I took my 2 miniosa wands (I couldn't find the bigger ones at this stage) and went to her bedroom to confront her. My brother was on her bed and she was doing some kind of magic on him. I used my wands to project energy at her to stop her and she responded, the result being she dropped both her wands and I dropped only the one in my left hand, the miniosa ebony. So I had won this confrontation! I had the confidence to confront her as I was sure I was stronger magically than her.

My brother was better then but my sister was still trying tricks. Back in my bedroom I realized she'd left a load of magic, deceitful books and literature all over my bed and my bedside table, heaps of the stuff. I thought 'I'll have to burn all this' but I didn't have time just yet.

Then at one stage in the dream I had my lignum vitae wand even though it hasn't arrived yet. Then I became aware my sister was doing more dark stuff on the downstairs computer so I took my steel wand and my large ebony wand and confronted her again. I held the steel wand in my left hand kind of stretched out to the side and behind me which I could feel shielding me from the harmful effects of the computer and attacked her with the ebony in my right hand and was victorious again, she was thwarted of whatever she was trying. It was awesome, I felt like a powerful Jedi.

My theory on all this is that maybe in a spiritual sense I've done something to break some kind of hold or bad teaching that my older sis had on my younger bro that she's also been trying on me. Like I said, comments or insight are appreciated.
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Re: Spiritual Wand Action
Post # 2
Sounds like a very wonderfully powerful dream. Dreaming of something that is in your possession before you've attained the object is a good sign that it is meant to be yours. Or it is a good indication that something will be coming into your waking life in the near or distant future.

Best wishes,
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Re: Spiritual Wand Action
Post # 3
Thanks a lot for the insight Linxxus!
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Re: Spiritual Wand Action
Post # 4
Interesting, but my question is why do you believe that you should purchase any wand. The power of the wand comes from within yourself. It is always best to make your own tools for magic as that infuses the energy while making them. What they are made of is not that important, although having a crystal as part(embedded in the handle end) does seem to increase the power. Crystals store power.
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Re: Spiritual Wand Action
Post # 5
From what I've read the type of wood a wand is made of makes a big difference. I'm also not a skilled carver. The shapes of the wands I've bought are quite special.
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