need help with spirit

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need help with spirit
Post # 1
Just 2 minutes ago I felt a weird presence in my room. You see I have been working with spirits and channeling now for about a month. And I have always been able to talk to spirits and ghosts. It is one of my gifts. But what just happened to me was a first. I felt a energy in my house. Tried to feel out it's energy (another one of my gifts) and it possessed me. Well it wasn't a true possession. It felt like I was channeling it. But through my body. I felt a being overwhelm my energy and felt and saw images. A gun being fired. Like one of those old Calvary guns in the old west. I heard the words brutal murder. I saw a person fall from a bullet wound. I could feel how desperate he was. And believe me I could FEEL it. It was unpleasant to say the least. But this has never happened to me before. My experience does not extend this far and I need help. I don't know what to do. I want to help it. My spirit guide says to banish it which I can do but I don't want to. It felt so desperate guys. Please help me so I can help him.
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Re: need help with spirit
Post # 2
You might have channeled an echo, a repeating scene, so to speak. It seems ti happen around my town (the old west), and there are quite a few sightings that seem to come from that era. The season around Halloween (Samhain)seems to get busy every year.As long as they're not hurting you, you can let it play out, or ask them to get out. I'm serious. Then cleanse with sage, or whatever you use, and ask them to go away, that its not their time there anymore.. My mom and I did that in the town for a friend who was having trouble. They kindly left. The cat would not enter that room until after we were gone, so they were gone...just some advice.
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