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Post # 1
Hello Friends..
I have joined this website to ask you all for help regarding a spell which you think i should carry out!!
My situation - I am a transsexual, i met a guy in march 2007 who i fell in love with instantly, our sexual encounters/friendship continued for over 3 years until 1st november 2010... the man left his email account open and his wife discovered her husbands deepest dark secrets that he was Bissexual/gay having intercourse with transsexuals i was unaware he was married.. this later lead them to divorce which was finalised this year in june 2012.. when it came out in the open he asked me not to get involved this caused alot of problems. however i did for my own sake as i wanted 2 know the real truth, this ruined and destroyed our relationship/friendship/trust he went out of my life, i was hurt because he lied to me about everything knowing i had fallen in love but continued to play with my feelings!!!
ive had many readings, seen many spell casters, been scammed by many online spellcasters, who took my money and ran off, never heard back! no spell has truely yet been completed!!
however in March 2012 i found his profile on a internet website he looked so different had lost over 3 stones and turned to drugs and alcohol, i got one of my real girl friends 2 chat 2 him, they arranged to meet little did he know he was going to be set up by me and my friends. my friend took him 2 a club and i bumped into him in a club, at first he didnt want to talk 2 me.. but eventually he did. it was like old times, we smiled, laughed, danced and got on, i ended up going back to his house that night we had sex, we spoke and next day he droped me back to my house and spent a few hours with me!! we kept in contact that week.. 1 week later i set him up 2 go on a date with my friend again(which he wasnt aware of) but things turned nasty.. he got angry, violent and upset, we got into a big argument in the club and he left.. next day he sent me a message saying to never talk to him again... few months later we spoke in May over the phone things were fine. he said he still finds me attractive, cares about me and does like me... he was also speaking to a spiritual healer at the time who i was also talking to.. he told her he would contact me when he was ready and that hes got his own problems he needs time.. months past i got even more depressed.. i went to his house last week.. things didnt turn out the way i wanted.. he got angry and upset i came to his house.. he called the police on me saying i was harrasing him! he then called me saying how pretty and good i looked but to never come 2 his house again.. he said i ruined his life, his marriage, he doesnt ever want to talk to me again and to leave him alone.. he said to me 'he is god' hes going to send all the evil demon and spirits out to me for destroying his whole life..
im heartbroken.. yes i made a mistake by talkin 2 his wife but i was manipulated into the situation. he now hates me for this... 2 years have almost past and i cant forget about him.. i love him so much and want him back in my life. as a friend or as a lover either way... im in deep depression

please advice me on any help/spells i can do.. do u recomend love spells? what can i do to bring this man back in my life? can someone on here help me cast a spell or know any good recomendations of anyone please help me thanks
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Post # 2

I do not believe Magick will help you in this situation.

My suggestion is to just respect his wishes. Though you might not forget, you can however carry on. He made his Choices, when it all came into the light, he lost everything, you are not responsible for his choices. You might feel as if you are, however you're not. Just take this experience and learn from it. Only time can truthfully heal your friend.

Don't feel guilty for you are not responsible for his actions. I understand you care deeply about this person. However, give him time.

Balanced Blessings

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Post # 3
if you still have the faith that spell can bring your lover back, kindly P.M me but if you don't have the faith pls don't message me at all because spell works together with faith.

Blessed be.
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By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Dear Ts1, I feel your pain and loss truly, but can you ask yourself a question "why you are seeking help in Magic field to cast spell against His Will" usually people who use love spells are weak and knows the real TRUTH !! Truth is that He doesn't love you :-( do you need one side love ? Are you looking for a fake "love" ? It's very easy to give advise, but please try to build new life and look for a real love. Time is a great doctor. Kind regards
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By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Site Spells Discussion.
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By: / Novice
Post # 6
k, first, his random mood swings are probably a result of the drugs and alcohol. i know this from experience, i have friends who do drugs, and alcoholism runs in my family, so i've gotten random calls at all hours from people intoxicated by something telling me all sorts. it's not him, it's whatever he's on.

second, while he was cheating, since he told you to say out of it but you didn't, his anger is valid. you're not 100% to blame, but i can see why he's upset.

third, while you can cast a spell to try and get him back, you're toying with his free will, would you rather have someone love you for you, or be forced to be with you because you can't live without them? if i were you, and were to cast any spell, i'd cast spells to help him, like protection spells, and i would try to help him worth through his problems, get him off the drugs and alcohol.

i'm sorry to hear about people taking your money, but you shouldn't pay for spells in the first place really, especially online. try backing away slightly, when he does call or text, be there for him, don't bring up the past. slowly he'll come around, when he does, ease him away from his addictions, don't force him, just try to get him to cut back. then when you both have clear heads, you can try again.

your final option, which you might not like, is move on. while i'm not saying abandon him, try going out on some dates, or take some time for yourself, relax, don't think about him. the relationship might be doomed, and it sounds rather toxic for you, so you should take a step back. just an opinion, not what you should do.
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