Totem changed color

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Totem changed color

Totem changed color
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
I just have experienced difference in perceiving visionary the appearance of my main medicine animal .From the moment the spider started to appear to me it was in more shadowy gray hue in my dreams and visions ,tho when on rampage and protecting me it would morph into black spider that pretty much look as the black widow (in my visions not dreams ).
Few nights ago i was dragged out of my dreaming state into a state of half awake and half asleep which is more known to folks as alpha state .So i saw very vivid vision with amazing colors of a very pure white spider that had this golden cross on its back .There was source of light from somewhere that was very soft and in same time strong and it would create this amazing colors on the web and on the spider .It was so amazing that i can not even explain it .
Have someone had similar experience in his shamanisctic or eclectic path ?Did my perception of it changed ,because something in me changed ?Or did it really changed ,because i changed ?What is causing this sudden change either of perception or either of its appearance ?

Please ,answer only if you have certain theory about the event that is based on something solid ,or if you have had such experience in the past with your own medicine .I am taking this very serious and i really do not want to see this thread becoming some soft of fantasy show or fighting ground .
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Re: Totem changed color
Post # 2

I have a theory. Since you're totem is a Spider, correct? Perhaps the spider changing color is a sign of an upcoming metamorphasis of yourself? You may find yourself becoming truer to yourself and others, perhaps? A lighter energy perhaps.

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Re: Totem changed color
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
When we have a spirit animal, I was taught that it is not an individual spirit but all spirits of that particular animal. This is why the physical form of this animal can communicate to us readily through signs or interaction. We do usually have one particular individual spirit that is the representator of his/her animal for you, but that doesn't restrict others of that same animal type from working with you.

Now on a psychological perspective, the spirit animal is apart of the self, the higher self to be more specific. So in effect, the changes in spider color/type, would reflect your own changes within.

I personally believe in a combination of the two. I believe your spirit animal is your "kin" in the sense that it is the energy/spirit that most closely relates to your own. Therefore, when we work with spirit animals, we are both tapping into who we are and interacting with the wisest of those likened to us.

Vision journeys can work two ways. Sometimes they are literal and other times they are figurative. I usually decide the difference based off of symbolism and exaggeration. If there is little to no symbolism and what I saw seemed plausible in reality, I take it as being literal. When something is fantastic and unfathomable, I seek the "interpretation" of what I have seen and consider it figurative.

Neither are less "real" it just depend on WHERE the reality is. Reality of the planes outside of us are bound by a certain level of order. Reality within us is bound to nothing besides the limits of our imagination. I believe the white spider is within your mental realm and is a facet of your higher self.

Very cool!
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Re: Totem changed color
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Whisper ,yes spider is my main totem and i feel very related to this creatures .It is interesting that you brought up the methamorphosis idea and i find it very relevant ,because i have been given another signs from the spirits about all this .
I had two small tortoiseshell (aglais urticae ) coming in my room through the window in two separate weeks .Second one stayed to sleep for the night and it settled on my bow hairband .
I had also one that bumped in me on the street and then flew above my shoulder .
I do interprate that i will undergo some sort of spiritual transformation and spirits are giving me signs about it .I have never seen butterflies coming inside the house. Bees and butterflied do not like entering even greenhouses let alone houses .And i have not seen them much in my garden either this year .Also both times they came when it was twilight and they rarely fly this time of the day and night .Twilight also is between time ,transition between two stages .When i noticed the butterfly it was standing on the wall next to my calendar around 10-th of the Octomber date .Around this time there will be soul ,body and mind spiritual fair and i am going to attend few spiritual workshops !

Whisper thank you so much for reading this thread and giving honest and valuable response to it .Sorry i did not responded to you straight away i felt i needed to wait till it is right time .
I had a feeling further more guidence will be given to me from the spiritual realm .
I filmed the second butterfly and soon i will do video on the topic i feel i need to share my experience with people and show them that spirits do not influence our lives only spiritually but they also can send us physical signs .

WhiteRav3n your response is very insightful as always i want to give myself some more time to think and rethink on it with both mind and intuition in order to responde back to your input .

Thank you so much guys!Your responces mean so much to me .I am so glad that few practicioners came forward here and in chat to help me with figuring out all this .Much appreciated guys .:)
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