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Post # 1

i got bored and looked at the a lot of different spells on here even a few fluffy one and found a lot of plagiarism

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Re: Shame
Post # 2

You could mark it as spam and report it through the site's contact page. There should be a link on the same page as the spell near the bottom of the webpage.

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Re: Shame
Post # 3
~fluffy spells and spam spells~

people who have the authority to take care of these false and fluffy spells are very busy and hundreds of spells are being reported every day. I am sorry that you never saw a result, time may solve such things out at the end of everything. All of us have some ideas for developing the spam marking system, and some of us are upset due to the fact that we cannot delete this spells, nor the editors or the moderators can. Not all of the ideas can be currently developed, but i am sure that something will be done to develop our spells/articles system and to stop the fluffs and the wrong teaching. A lot of people would be really great to have several people in charge about removing and looking into the spells which are marked as spam, but unfortunately that's what we currently have, although some of us do not like it. Lets not forget that other website and site script developments are always done to help us enjoy the site and to make our magic community larger, and all of this development requires a lot of time dedication.

Now, what i think we can currently do is to help each other to let the newbies and the beginner members is to use the spell rating system. By rating a spell down, we can prove that the spell does not worth serious treatment and a try of any member of the site.
We can also help each other by sharing our knowledge and let the newbies and the beginner members, to know that the fantasy spells are not real and they are just fantasy and no serious treatment can make them to come true. As all of us know, plenty of members are exposed and introduced to the magic community because they are looking for those spells, with the opinion that they will actually manage to let such spells to come true.At the end of all, we show to these members that what they have been looking for cannot come true, and by doing that we actually expose them to real magic and introduce them to practices that can be really done by magic practitioners. So what we can do is to say to all of the members who are seeking for the fluffs spells directly "what you have been looking for is a lie and cannot come true. Here are some practices that magic can actually offer you...". We can also help such members by making a lot of forum posts about real magic, and also by showing them by articles and informative posts well known misconceptions to avoid. I
was also thinking about making a dictionary of fantasy spells which can be seen on here, telling the newcomers to avoid them, also explaining them why their desires cannot come true by using magic.

We have experienced members after all, who can lead the newbies and the beginners to the proper directions. About improving the spam reporting system, there might by a development of this any time, we can just wait and see how our community is developed. As you know, the people who develop the site make a really good job and they work really hard for it. We can always help each other until this feature will be developed... What i recommend to do is to keep trying to help as you always did, any little help is helpful and can effect somehow, and you might be surprised to see how the reporting system will be developed ;)


This action is a crime and we have a report page at the end of every spell. Please report the spell if you find it as plagiarism.
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Re: Shame
Post # 4

Thanks for your reply and great ideas and iwill report them

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Re: Shame
Post # 5
You're welcome. I am glad that you wish to help the site :)
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