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help getting started.
Post # 1
So i'm kinda new to this, I've known about it for a while but haven't been able to do it myself. can anyone here post a little tutorial on astral projection, and what to expect once i get outta my body. I would also like to know things like how long should it take to get out of my body, how long i can or should stay out, and any tips you have for a begginer. Please respond soon, i just cant wait to actually do this.
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Re: help getting started.
Post # 2
Astral Projection, Out of body travel, Soul travel.
Lie on your bed or in any comfortable position with your eyes closed. If lying in your bed, try to elevate your upper body more so as not to take the same position as you would be in when you are sleeping. Look up slightly with your eyes toward the region of your third eye, but don?t open your eyes.
Gently massage your forehead to help relax the muscles. Massage your cheeks and around your neck and shoulders. Tense the muscles in your chest and upper arms. Then, the muscles in your lower arms and hands holding it for 20 seconds before releasing. Now do the same thing with your back and stomach, then your buttocks and thighs. Finally, tighten and release the muscles in the lower legs by stretching them forward and backward and the muscles in your feet.
Envision in your mind, a white light around you that encompasses your entire body. Feel the light relaxing your body even more. Take a few seconds to bask in the glow of the warmth and lite feeling.
Imaging lite hands in place of your real hands. Picture a rope above you at about the area between your navel and chest. Envision you imaginary hand climbing the imaginary rope. As you do this, feel the sensation of your etheric body lifting from and leaving your physical body. Feel the vibrations within your body. If you feel resistance, see images of people, or see flashes of colored light slow yourself down a bit, but this is completely normal. You must ignore them and continue climbing your rope until you have completely separated. It could be helpful to see the rope as the climbing rope you may have climbed in gym class. At the very top of the rope is a piece of tape. As you get closer to reaching the tape at the top, you are leaving your body.
In order to return to your body, all you have to do is to will it and it will be.
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