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help with AP
Post # 1
Hey people, I'm a newbie... Want to AP really bad. I've tried all the spells and stuff on this site to help me but I never get it right... I've tried binaural beats, alpha waves.... And still nothing... Either I am doing something wrong or I'm not putting enough effort into it... HELP!!!
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Re: help with AP
Post # 2
Even though I'm probably the least knowledgable on this but there are 2 reasons
1) The spirit may be gripping to the body not wanting to leave for whatever reason.
2) You are trying to hard.
Just let go and let it happen do not force it. Let them come to you without trying. Even though I have yet to do it successfuly yet, I'm tring. Also it may take a little more time, so just keep trying. I hope you eventually succeed.
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Re: help with AP
Post # 3

Sometimes you just gotta simplify things to get them right.

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Re: help with AP
Post # 4
Shameless said "sometimes you have to simplify things to do them right" If you overwork yourself you will either not make it over to the astral plane or you will strain yourself from overtrying. AP is about relaxation.
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Re: help with AP
Post # 5
Remember to relax and meditate, I from personel experience have found it much easier to do it when you feel comfortable and relaxed. When I try to AP I get halfway but freak out from the sensation of my body and spirit seperating but I know that I have progressed and made an effeort just remember to relax and let the music of silence take you into the astral world but be concious of where your going and what your doing, this is hard to do from what I hear, and with practice it should come as easy as breathing after awhile. When you go to AP try not to be anxious or excited this is a distraction that will stop you from acheiving AP. I wish you luck on your future AP tests.

Blessed Be
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